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engine swaps and other performance upgrades, plus "factory" V8s (Stag and TR8)

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  Converting '80 TR8 to FI within CA SMOG rules 2413  tdskip  09/24/2014 08:02AM 
Last Post by tdskip
  TR3 + 327 2967  88v8  09/02/2014 02:08AM 
Last Post by Richard/SIA
  Hmm, lots of Triumph/GT6 diff possibilities! 2168  Richard/SIA  09/01/2014 07:21PM 
Last Post by flyinlow
  Help identifying a Jap rear axle? 2035  Richard/SIA  09/01/2014 02:29AM 
Last Post by Richard/SIA
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  New to the gallery: Larry Lambert's 1974 TR-6 with P3400 V6 3941  Moderator  08/30/2014 11:24PM 
Last Post by BWA
  V8 TR3 with Ford 302 1967  Wayne B  08/30/2014 10:31PM 
Last Post by rficalora
  Fiero seats into a GT6? 1848  Richard/SIA  08/29/2014 10:56PM 
Last Post by Richard/SIA
  Spit/GT6 body on Geo Tracker 1924  colintt  08/11/2014 09:32AM 
Last Post by BlownMGB-V8
  British By The Sea 2014 2457  dwtr6v8  08/08/2014 10:40AM 
Last Post by MGBV8
  T5 shifter relocation. 8090  14  mypenname  07/23/2014 03:35AM 
Last Post by 88v8
  GT6 with s-10 donor 2320  colintt  07/22/2014 11:52AM 
Last Post by colintt

  Spitfire + 270 hemi 2596  88v8  07/19/2014 02:11AM 
Last Post by 88v8
  Lexus V8 to Stag conversion 5379  12  Havanacloo  07/17/2014 04:33AM 
Last Post by Sparrow010
  Closed the hood on a Stag 2529  DiDueColpi  07/15/2014 04:03PM 
Last Post by DiDueColpi
  73 Triumph Stag Original V8 Runs great. 2632  KBStag  07/12/2014 06:25PM 
Last Post by Richard/SIA
  1972 Triumph Stag Chevy Conversion, HELP!! 2363  Herman  07/12/2014 10:07AM 
Last Post by KBStag
  Spitfire seeks V8 with gsoh. 2540  88v8  07/11/2014 07:58AM 
Last Post by 88v8
  Spitfire with 350+T10 2055  88v8  07/08/2014 02:08AM 
Last Post by 88v8
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  TR6 + 215 manual 2407  88v8  07/06/2014 04:23AM 
Last Post by 88v8
  Bump steer on 76 Spitfire 1994  ainadude  07/05/2014 03:35PM 
Last Post by Richard/SIA
  Ideas for attaching TR7 upper control arms to a mustang 8.8? 3018  14  Addicted  07/05/2014 08:19AM 
Last Post by tr8todd
  tr7 K member swap to merkur 2464  spitsandsevens  06/24/2014 09:02AM 
Last Post by spitsandsevens
  IRS Axle help 2284  Remade in Detroit  05/29/2014 04:49PM 
Last Post by DiDueColpi
  Replacing IRS U-joints 2499  Ronp  05/24/2014 11:53PM 
Last Post by Ronp
  Looking for a Triumph V8 conversion with V8 2302  davelott  05/21/2014 04:57AM 
Last Post by 88v8

  Triumph Spitfire V8 Conversion 6756  BillyB  05/11/2014 02:25AM 
Last Post by Richard/SIA
  New to the gallery: Jon Cook's LS1 powered GT6! 5815  18  Moderator  05/06/2014 02:46PM 
Last Post by cooks 7
  Triumph Spitfire Mk3 with Hayabusa engine 8904  20  Icekottarinn  05/05/2014 06:22PM 
Last Post by mgb260
  Triumph Motorcycle 5164  17  burner1  04/30/2014 10:48AM 
Last Post by Moderator
  TR6 steering rebuild- Need advice! 2571  Ronp  04/26/2014 06:17PM 
Last Post by epeppy
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