Triumph Sports Cars

engine swaps and other performance upgrades, plus "factory" V8s (Stag and TR8)

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  steering column for a TR4 A conversion 2524  05/30/2011 11:22PM 
Last Post by motek
  TR7- a seriously underated car 2215  BlownMGB-V8  05/29/2011 10:32AM 
Last Post by Dan B
  "do it yourself" explorer 8.8 rear end narrowing 10520  11  sellersrodshop  05/28/2011 10:15AM 
Last Post by rficalora
  Randt Schultz's TR3 Hybrid 1947  triumphtr2  05/25/2011 08:14PM 
Last Post by triumphtr2
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  TR7 mods 5221  18  BlownMGB-V8  05/24/2011 11:33PM 
Last Post by mgb260
  tr7 brakes 2297  en  05/14/2011 09:54PM 
Last Post by en
  Subaru/Datsun Differential mount Testing the waters. 4123  tbush  05/02/2011 10:17PM 
Last Post by 74ls1tr6
  Like to see this in the" How it was Done"section! 1948  74ls1tr6  05/01/2011 06:14PM 
Last Post by bsa_m21
  CV Joints and GT6 hubs 8417  15  tbush  05/01/2011 08:23AM 
Last Post by salty1960
  Link to Suzuki twin cam with Samurai trans 1531  mgb260  04/28/2011 04:45PM 
Last Post by mgb260
  TR 8 - 1983-collectable ? 2455  13  roverman  04/17/2011 10:20AM 
Last Post by wedgehead

  TR7 rims 2393  en  04/14/2011 10:36PM 
Last Post by tr4long
  Daily driver....Not my choice but its a great rush! 2061  77v8  04/11/2011 01:03AM 
Last Post by 77v8
  4 wheel disc brakes 1787  rtope  03/28/2011 08:48PM 
Last Post by tr8todd
  TR7 body kit (coming soon) 2729  nellotinnirello  03/20/2011 06:51PM 
Last Post by 77v8
  Hose from Stock TR6 Master Clutch to Hydraulic T/O Bearing 2057  triumphmg  03/15/2011 03:33PM 
Last Post by cooks 7
  thermostat housing for offenhauser intake 2046  03/07/2011 08:19PM 
Last Post by WedgeWorks1
  ECOTEC in a Triumph? 1666  bowtie6  03/07/2011 06:04PM 
Last Post by alana
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  You guys are gonna love this Spitfire!    Goto Page: 12 8282  25  Moderator  02/22/2011 06:45PM 
Last Post by rampant racing
  California    Goto Page: 12 4019  23  Mogans  02/22/2011 02:44PM 
Last Post by crashbash
  Installing Supra W58 transmission in Triumph Spitfire 2777  mike.jameson  02/21/2011 05:57PM 
Last Post by theonlyiceman53
  triumph wiring diagrams 2672  en  02/05/2011 09:13AM 
Last Post by en
  TR7 electrical questions 3049  en  01/30/2011 05:13PM 
Last Post by bsa_m21
  Herald V8 3296  Incony  01/24/2011 11:41AM 
Last Post by Incony
  Spit 1541  alana  01/20/2011 02:44PM 
Last Post by Spitfire 350

  Tr7 to V8 Conversion 3066  tr878  01/18/2011 09:06PM 
Last Post by tr8todd
  TR-6 V8 Conversion    Goto Page: 12 6692  26  Tegguy  01/16/2011 08:33PM 
Last Post by rickv
  Fiero seats 2642  cowboyra  01/13/2011 10:04PM 
Last Post by cowboyra
  TR7 spare tire well 1348  en  01/13/2011 09:48PM 
Last Post by bsa_m21
  Hello, help!!!    Goto Page: 12 4661  25  Trooper  01/13/2011 05:00PM 
Last Post by motek
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