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Rick Ingram
Central Illinois
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10/17/2007 09:36PM

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A confession regarding......BritishV8 2012....
Posted by: mowog1
Date: May 26, 2012 06:33PM

Last week, I advised that while Steve Carrick and I were caravaning down to BritishV8 2012, his clamshell trailer had a malfunction where one of the wheel bearing failed causing a tire to lock up and blow, tearing up the side of the trailer.

We had left the trailer in Marion, IL at a truck stop.

The trailer contained not only Steve's displays for Advance Autowire, but one of Ted Lathrop's FastCars front crossmembers for display (and a tech session).

This was the first part of a set-up for "Roast Ted Lathrop" week in Palestine.

While Steve did in fact leave Michigan with this trailer, we left it at my house and I loaded its contents into the back of my F-150 for transport down to Texas so that Steve would NOT have to haul his trailer.

While overnighting in Forrest City, AR...and after a few beers....a plan was hatched to utilize the Internet as a means of advance notice to Ted that the crossmember would NOT be at the meet. And you guys did not fail us, as Ted "knew" that the crossmember wasn't going to be at the meet before we even reached Shreveport on Saturday! All this from a single post on the MGE and one e-mail out to the Spuriites. Only Steve, my wife (Jean), and eventually Judy, and a couple of Spuriites in attendance at the event knew the real truth until Sunday evening.

This story stayed intact, never being imbelished nor deminished until Sunday night.

Steve and I got the crossmember out of the truck and placed it on its display stand...outside...and next to where Wayne Kube and Crew were busy cooking hamburgers and hotdogs for our registrants.

Ted and Judy came out the side exit of the hotel (we had already let Judy in on our little scheme); we had a new enthusiast, Paul, stop Ted and begin asking questions about the crossmember and wanting to know if Ted had brought one with him. "No, I'm sorry, but it didn't make it." replied Ted.

Steve, Judy, Paul, and I then suggested that we go grab a burger and "walked" Ted right past his crossmember.

I wish we had a picture of Ted's expression.....but his chin nearly hit his chest when he saw it!

I understand that there is still a bounty out on both Steve and I....
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