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Rick Ingram
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10/17/2007 09:36PM

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BritishV8 2015 - Tentative Schedule, Etc.
Posted by: mowog1
Date: July 10, 2015 10:03AM

Here's a TENTATIVE agenda for BritishV8 next week.....subject to change, of course!

A note on tech sessions....Max Fulton will be doing a tech session for us (which is why you've been asked to bring a functioning multimeter with you). Steve Carrick and Jim Miller will be doing a tech session on Advance Autowire products and how to "map your way" to the installation of one of these beauties. The Sennekers (new owners of FastCars, Inc) will be spending some time with us going over their product line, etc. Exact times for these sessions have yet to be deteremined.

I will be arriving at the hotel on Tuesday; Dave and Pete will be arriving on Wednesday.


Arrivals....check-in to the Clarion Waterfront....check-in at event registration....pick up up with friends.

The hospitality suite will be located in a room near the jacuzzi on Wednesday and Thursday. It will move to the restaurant at the east end of the building (near the bar) for Friday and Saturday.

We will order in some pizzas that evening and get re-acquainted with everybody. There are restaurants nearby (Union Jack, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc) if you are so inclined.

THURSDAY - July 16th

The Clarion puts on a pretty good breakfast in the pool area....grab some nourishment before we start the day!

We'll have registration open....and also be conducting tech sessions.

Lunch is on your own.

We will head to Skillman Classic Car Showroom a little after takes about 45 minutes to get there, depending upon traffic. We are going to ask that you double up on rides...parking is at a premium. There is room in the fenced-in area near the entrance; there is parking on the street along the side of the building; there is parking at the "rear" of the building (which will appear to be the "front" of the building. As you enter the building, you will actually walk through a portion of their shoppe and through their break room before getting to the cars. (The dogs, if there, are friendly!) Prepare to be amazed. You can spend as much time as you want...explore all of the cars, the nooks and crannies, go upstairs to the mezzanine. Take all of the pictures you want. Bring your checkbook....these cars are for sale! The employees will also talk with you and answer questions you may have. Driving directions to Skillman's is attached. Please print it off and bring it with you!


We will want to be back to the Clarion by about 4pm...for two reasons. We want to avoid rush hour on I-465...and our motorcoach will be available to take us downtown for dinner and entertainment. There will be two trips to downtown...the first bus leaves at 5:30pm...the second bus about 6:30pm. I attached the map to restaurants, etc, to this email. Print it off and bring it with you! You are on your own to explore the many restaurants and pubs available in downtown Indy. I've already suggested that you check out the Slippery Noodle. There will be an "early" bus to go back to the Clarion and a "late bus" for stragglers. If you miss the "late bus"....hail a taxi for the ride home! (We discourage you from driving your car downtown...parking is expensive and lots may not be patrolled.)



Start with breakfast at the pool at the Clarion! Then we'll have some tech sessions (folks from Meguires will be doing a presentation for us this year). We may have some additional time for other tech sessions in the morning. Lunch is on your own. You may want to consider downtown Speedway as there are several restaurants available on Main Street near the Dallara Indycar Chassis Factory, including a pretty good Italian place (Lino's) located at the factory.

Next, you will get to test your navigational skills on one of Indianapolis' new "roundabouts".

We have a 1pm time slot for our visit to the Dallara Indycar Chassis Factory in downtown Speedway, IN. Dallara currently makes the carbon-fiber chassis and ancillaries for the Indycars raced on the circuit. (Tubs are made in Italy and shipped to Indianapolis where ancillaries are made for the cars.) The factory is located on Main Street in downtown Speedway...about 4 miles/10 minutes away from the hotel. There is limited parking on the street' we can also use Dallara's parking lot located behind their building. We will be given a guided tour of the factory and garage (they will break us up into 3 or 4 groups of 20-25 people for the tours); you will view a short movie on the history of Dallara; there are several (free) driving simulators to test your skills on the Brickyard's 2&1/2 mile oval. If you want a picture to remember the day, a greenscreen with an Indycar is available (extra charge). They have a street-legal, two-passenger Indycar...but I **think** it will be on the race circuit during our visit to the factory. You can stay and play as long as you want at Dallara. They close at 5pm.


We should have time for a tech session at the hotel upon our return from Dallara.

Friday evening we'll make the quick trip to the Union Jack Pub (about a mile to the east of the hotel). We have the parking lot behind the pub reserved (fill it up first) and can also use their parking lot in front of the pub. There is a vacant restaurant immediately to the east of the pub that we can possibly use as well. Our seating is reserved on the outside deck as well as the room to the south of the inside bar. The meal is on your own - order from the menu. They will be having a special on Guinness for us. This is a great time to enjoy some good food, good conversation, and cold beverage.



Get up early and fill your bellies at the breakfast provided by the Clarion, but be ready to "hit the bricks" for our trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We will want to leave by 8:30am as our group has one of the first tours of the Grounds available. (How did you do on the "roundabout" yesterday? You get to navigate it again today! The Speedway is about 4 miles (10 minutes) east of the hotel. (It is my understanding that we will NOT be able to take the motorcoach track tour, as the Richard Petty Driving Experience is on site the week we are in town.) Please try to stay as a group in the parking lot as I will be purchasing your tickets that morning when we arrive. The Grounds Tour will give us access to the museum and we will be taken on a tour of the buildings instrumental in the successful running of races held at the IMS. You can stay in the museum for as long as you wish for self-guided osmosis of the history found inside; the tours of the grounds are guided.


We will return to the hotel after our visit of the museum and grounds at the Speedway. Lunch is on your own..

Saturday afternoon, we will offer more tech sessions as well as an autocross in the parking lot of the Clarion. This will also be a great time to kick some tires and swap some lies with your fellow BritishV8 participants.

Saturday evening we have a buffet banquet held at the Clarion in the restaurant at the far east end of the building (next to the bar). We'll have a short happy hour followed by our meal. We may do some "roasting" of our own as well post-meal. And of course, our auction will be held on Saturday evening. (If you have any spares lying around the shoppe that you want to donate and get rid of...BRING THEM!) We usually venture out to parking lot for our "grand finale".


We're kicking you out! Time to go home! (Breakfast at the Clarion is, of course, available!)

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

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