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Fred Key
West coast - Canada
(1373 posts)

05/14/2010 03:06AM

Main British Car:
I really thought that I'd be an action figure by now!

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Bad Chad
Posted by: DiDueColpi
Date: January 23, 2024 10:35PM

So, as a hard core Canuck I'm genetically predisposed to cheer for Bad Chad.
I have actually learned some very useful things from the channel. But have been embarrassed and horrified at the same time.
Chad is an artist that when challenged, is capable of impressive feats.
When left to the pressures of a schedule, not so much.
What is the consensus of the collective?
Not so British, but he might screw up one of our cars next.
Having said that , the 544 Volvo turned into Jolene's Bugatti was brilliant!

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Chad McNeely
(77 posts)

06/09/2021 06:03PM

Main British Car:
Alpine S4 Rover 4.0

Re: Bad Chad
Posted by: Roverbeam
Date: January 24, 2024 07:11PM

Saw the thread title, and got worried I had done sumthing wrong. Whew.

Never watched his channel - is it all his “live”, unscripted and unedited stuff?

Arthur Gertz

(88 posts)

03/29/2023 08:26PM

Main British Car:

Re: Bad Chad
Posted by: ag1234
Date: February 09, 2024 01:21PM

I like the creativity and skills, when properly applied. I don;t like thats it;s likely scripted. Why can't there be a how-to show ?
Zillions of them for fixer homes but zero for cars. All these miracle workers, unwilling to share ?


(345 posts)

04/13/2010 08:13PM

Main British Car:

Re: Bad Chad
Posted by: BWA
Date: February 21, 2024 08:35PM

I watched a few of his videos.
The guy is creative and is quite skilled at what he does.
Not my cup of tea as I don't like "lead sleds".
The tail dragging look does not appeal to me.
I know a lot of people would disagree with me.
Each to his own.

Jim Stabe
Jim Stabe
San Diego, Ca
(830 posts)

02/28/2009 10:01AM

Main British Car:
1966 MGB Roadster 350 LT1 Chevy

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Re: Bad Chad
Posted by: Jim Stabe
Date: June 19, 2024 10:41PM

I shudder to think how many gallons of Bondo are used on some of those projects.

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