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Fraser Stark

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04/10/2020 01:20PM

Main British Car:

Crank Forging - Raw/Blank Forging - BOP 215/ Leyland McCormack F5000
Posted by: Fraserp6
Date: October 19, 2020 10:54PM

Afternoon all,

First post here but have quietly been reading the forum for a while here.

I'm in the process of building two race engines, one based on an Olds 215 Block, the other based on a rarer Leyland/Repco McCormack F5000 block.

I largely hope to only build these once and build them well, with particular consideration taken to the limited number of F5000 units that are around these days, if any.

Starting with the rotating assembly, I'm looking for a raw forging or a blank forging to machine down to the Leyland Big end and Main specs (Leyland Mains being larger than Rover/BOP215.) I know the Ford 302 blanks are suitable, I've also heard a Chev crank blank can also be machined down, though I'm chasing the specs on that as the once I've viewed so far take the thrust bearing on the 5th journal.

I ask... Where does one source a blank from now? I'm Melbourne based and the foundries that produced these have now gone so I look overseas to see what's available.

Thoughts and constructive input welcome...



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