Other Cars (British & British-Inspired)

a place to discuss all our other favorite cars, especially the modified and/or V8 ones

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ian stewart
just north of London, United Kingdom, Planet Earth
(54 posts)

12/24/2009 04:06PM

Main British Car:
67 Ford Cortina 3.9ltr Rover

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Its English, but a FORD
Posted by: v8ian
Date: January 01, 2010 03:53PM

As I have been lurking on here for a few weeks now, I think its about time I posted up some pics of my current toy, Fuel Injected 3,9 rover, TVR racecar heads, european touring car cam, Nascar pushrods, Kennebell rockers, Omega pistons, Toyota Supra Mk3 5 speed, toyota Celica LSD axle with Moser shafts, Porsche/mitso evo9 hybred front brakes and Sierra Cosworth rear brakes + lots more, even with this spec it manages to run mid 12s as it turns up at the strip, with 1.5 60fts on treads and on leaf springs




Bonnet/hood was off looking for a misfire, found it next run when the bottom timing gear shattered.[www.youtube.com]


and heres one I did earlier, Mk1 Ford Zodiac, 289 Hipo, 351c heads, Teclamant Jackson mechanical fuel injection, Sunbeam Tiger super T10,


and my old hotrod,


Jerry Porsch
Las Cruces, New Mexico
(78 posts)

10/23/2007 08:40AM

Main British Car:
1966 Sunbeam Ford 380 ci with twin turbo's

Re: Its English, but a FORD
Posted by: fasttiger
Date: January 01, 2010 10:19PM

Cool looking Hot Rods!!!

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