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Dexter Bernardo

(1 posts)

04/22/2010 08:34PM

Main British Car:

Jaguar MK2
Posted by: dextercath96
Date: April 22, 2010 08:41PM

Hello guys in britishv8 forum,

I just want to know your ideas about this topic. Read [www.jaguar-mk2.com]. I am browsing the net looking for a good car. Can I know your ideas about it?

Bernard Holzberg

(59 posts)

07/18/2008 11:12AM

Main British Car:
1975 TVR M series Ford 331

Re: Jaguar MK2
Posted by: slow_M
Date: April 23, 2010 12:40PM

What's your actual question?

If you like the styling, but want to convert to V8, buy a 3.4S.
Those share the (narrower) E-type rear suspension.

Leave the 3.8 for Jag purists please.


Bill Young
Bill Young
Kansas City, MO
(1337 posts)

10/23/2007 09:23AM

Main British Car:
'73 MG Midget V6 , '59 MGA I6 2.8 GM, 4.0 Jeep

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Re: Jaguar MK2
Posted by: Bill Young
Date: April 23, 2010 04:45PM

Jag MKIIs are beautiful cars but expensive and getting a bit rare as well. If you intend on a conversion then you might consider looking for a Daimler as they shared the same body style and are a lot less expensive to purchase than the Jags. You could always build a fake Jag from a Daimler as the grills and trim is interchagable. I tend to agree with Bernard, these cars are so desirable in a restored state, especiallly the 3.8s as they are well up to performing alongside todays cars on the road that it would almost be a shame to convert a good example that was restorable. If you find one missing the engine etc, then I'd say for it.
If you really have the money I've read ads for these that are upgraded with modern Jag components suchs XJ6 engines and 5 speed transmissions along with power steering and A/C ready to go in England. Still basically Jags but with all the modern conveniences.

Derald Rice
Derald Rice
fort collins, colorado
(1 posts)

11/27/2007 05:54PM

Main British Car:
1957 Jag MK 1 sedan 302 ford

Re: Jaguar MK2
Posted by: Derald Rice
Date: May 25, 2010 01:22PM

I will have a comment, since I am putting a 302 / AOD into a 1957 Jaguar MK1 sedan. I was looking for a comfortable, unique, and affordable sedan for the family cruiser. I found a 1957 MK1 sedan that was imported to the states in 1979, from Ireland that had never titled in the staes. I have a legal and current title now.

I have photos of the car when it was complete , but the eng / trans was missing when I bought the car. At the time that I bought the car, it was a glorified parts car. I am keeping the outside original with the exception of changing the wire wheel size to fit modern rubber. The car is still RHD, and I debatng about making the change to LHD. All of the hard to find bits and pieces are here, amd this will get started soon. At this time, all I have done is to mockup the engine, do some brainstorming about the exhaust, and some parts sourcing.


Graham Hill

(8 posts)

02/08/2010 12:06AM

Main British Car:

Re: Jaguar MK2
Posted by: Argatoga
Date: June 08, 2010 04:45PM

Derald if you aren't committed you might want to consider an XK6. Obviously it will mount just fine. They are reliable engines (Lucas is the main culprit for failure) and can handle close to 300hp just fine.

I can get you in contact with a fairly knowledgeable source on that engine and Jags in general. He is currently in the process of installing a Megasquirt system in his Series III XJ if you want to go the EFI route.

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