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Nicholas Underwood

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08/10/2010 01:18PM

Main British Car:

Nick's 72 MGB V6
Posted by: patrioticgrease
Date: August 10, 2010 02:14PM

Owner: Nick Underwood
City: Milton Fl
Car Model: 72 MGB
Engine: GM 60deg V6

Engine Mod - GM performance 3.4l, Hilborn hood scoop, pocket porting, holley 350 carb, comp cams street strip camshaft, custom machined intake manifold and high rise adapter.

Fuel - new stock mgb fuel tank, externally mounted holley blue fuel pump (6 psi), holley pressure regulator (return style), 5/16 steel line

Driveshaft - Custom made locally from doner camaro driveshaft and stock mgb drive-shaft

Cooling: stock mgb with jegs 10" electric fan, auto control

Exhaust: GEN I CCE headers with patriot exhaust side pipes

Transmission: rebuilt 700R4 from doner 91 camaro, Lokar tail mount shifter

Rear Axle: rebuilt stock mgb

Front Susp.: rebuilt stock mgb

Rear Susp.: rebuilt stock mgb

Brakes: rebuilt stock mgb on the corners, new 1/4 steel brake lines, wilwood combination valve, new stock mgb master cylinder

Wheels/Tires: 17x8 off a late model mustang. Using adapters

Body Mods:Preform Resources - fenders, quarters, bonnet, front and rear valence

Interior: new stock mgb from britek

Electrical: new '71 wiring harness

Recieved the car when I was 14 and tore into it off and on for about four years, mostly doing more harm than good. Then the car sat at my folks house for about eight years while I did four years enlisted and another four years at the Air Force academy. Now I'm student aviator and I have retrieved the car and come farther in the restoration process in six months than i did in those four years. Here are some pictures of the car currently. Only a handful of things are required to finish the car, but I've run out of time and money for a bit so its not quite on the road yet, but I'll get there in the next six months.
MGB 008.jpg
here is how the car looked when I picked it up after graduating the academy, at this point the full rocker has been replaced on the passenger side and the outer rocker on the driver side. The passenger rocker panel was welded high in the front by nearly a half and inch, but considering my age and experience at the time I'm just happy I welded it on the right part of the car.
clearing way for the exhaust, this seemed wrong feel like it could have been done better but you live and learn
clearing way for transmission, mostly interference with oil pan and servo

picture taken shortly after first test pressurizing of the coolant system. This revealed water running out of the header. Seemed like a gasket leak problem at the intake manifold, cause crate engines never have problems in the head..............wrong. Troubleshooting showed a dime sized hole in the egr port of the driver side head. GM refused to warranty the crate engine because I ported the heads. Even though the egr port is neither used not ported on my engine (and the engine has less than 20 min run time). I found a talented welder in town with special gear to weld the casted head and took that road. Only thirty bucks to fix but GM has lost a customer for life.

s-10 crate engine was fitted with a 91 lumina oil pan to ensure correct fitting the 3.4l s-10 crate oil pan did not have enough clearance.

front end completely rebuilt but future plans call for entire new front end unit. More likely to adapt one from jegs than buy one from bc the cost is just too much for my budget and I find the problem solving aspect very appealing.

if you just felt fear creep down your spine, we understand each other and there is little more to say about the blue lucas snake of death

lots more custom work done will update in future, pictures following are of car as it currently sits





ok have started to work on car again here is a few updates

mgb 171.jpg
here you can see a side shot of the grill in place, its a used grill the one that came with the car was that crazy sunk in style they used on the 72, not cool. This one is a little used but saves me a hundred buck and looks good enough for me

These are the chosen tires for the mg, they are just about as fat as I could get them. The bubbles are water, i just washed them when the pic was taken. Great deal from a pawn shop looks like they are off a late model mustang. they are seventeen inch rims with a nine inch wide tire. Friction limited....... probably not anymore. Its likely I'll be snapping leaf springs before too long, but that's really just a good excuse to up grade to a four link :)

mgb 162.jpg

mgb 160.jpg


The following pictures are of the interior with the doors open, I got a bit creative with the courtesy lighting . The damn hippies keep telling me to go green so I did. Think they'll overlook my lack of catalytic converters. . . . .

the trunk is up in this one and the red light is the tail lights reflecting off the garage door.

If this reminds you of the setup on the old chargers, and you begin to wonder if the owner of this mg has a hemi charger, the answer is yes.

the following pictures are just some more detailed shots. Very little will change to the car since its almost road ready. Still need to add a radio, rear speakers and have to finish building the boxes for the subs in the trunk, got pretty creative with them should turn out pretty trick.





IMG_0505 (640x480).jpg

IMG_0506 (640x480).jpg

IMG_0508 (640x480).jpg

IMG_0509 (640x480).jpg

IMG_0510 (640x480).jpg

IMG_0511 (640x480).jpg

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Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
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10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Nick's 72 MGB V6
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Date: March 14, 2011 09:03PM


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