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G.R. Weltmer

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08/18/2010 05:24PM

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G.R.'s 1968 GT JDM SR20 DET swap
Posted by: G.R.
Date: January 11, 2011 03:15PM

Owner: G.R. Weltmer
City: Wichita, KS
Car Model: 1968 MGB GT
Engine: JDM Nissan SR20DET 4 Cylinder Turbo


Cooling: Wizard Radiator


Transmission: 5 speed nissan

Rear Axle: stock at this time

Front Susp.: stock at this time

Rear Susp.:



Body Mods:


Electrical: Harness by Yury at Wiring Specialties

Been lurking for a year while getting all the pieces in place. I found a near perfect cond. GT only a few blocks from my home.
Looked at all the v8 swaps, all needed major surgery to my CB. So I decided an all aluminium turbo 4 cyl was the way to go.
Bullet proof bottom end. Lighter then the stock engine, but yet capable of 350+ hp with very few mods. Custom built an all aluminium pan so no crossmember surgery was needed. Will post a few pics soon.
gt off the road.jpg
Could not have asked for a cleaner original car
JDM Nissan SR20DET S14 engine
First time dropped in for test fit- looks like it belongs there
Change front pully and slide to rear and it looks like it will fit without any cutting
Looks like I can even use the stock radiator mounting
Look what the man in the big brown truck delivered today!
For those nervous about the modern engine wiring harnesses. It doesn't get any simplier then this. Battery, fuel pump, & ignition switch are the main hookup and if you desire you can add the tach, check engine light and temp and your all finished. No searching through wiring looms and charts. Very plug and play. Even includes the Nissan Consult connector for running diagnostics.
2nd time dropped in car, looks like it will all fit like it was born there
Pan clearance is perfect-a little higher then the crossmember
Admit it guys. Other then your wife and the birth of your children, Nothing beats the UPS guy delivering another package.
This is a fantastic Todd Budde gas tank from BMC with the upgraded pump (hope to be over 400whp when finished)
Now that the weather is warm again, I'm back at it. Needed just a hair more clearance between the crank pully and the steering rack. So had the outer pully turned down, giving almost 1" more clearance

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Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
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10/12/2007 02:16AM

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71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: G.R.'s 1968 GT JDM SR20 DET swap
Posted by: Moderator
Date: February 03, 2012 05:25PM


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