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Andrew Gaskin
New Zealand
(25 posts)

06/06/2009 08:04PM

Main British Car:
1974 Triumph Stag Toyota 1 - UZ - FE Quad cam 4.0

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1971 Mk4 Triumph Spitfire with Toyota 4AGE
Posted by: Sparrow010
Date: March 25, 2011 05:33AM

Owner: Diane Gaskin

City: Feilding NZ

Car Model: MK 4 Triumph Spitfire

Old Engine: Triumph 1300

New Engine: Toyota 4AGE 16 valve slivertop

Cooling: Mazda RX3 alloy radiator electric fan

Exhaust: Custom

Front Susp.: Triumph new bushes springs and shocks

Rear Susp.:Triumph, New transverse leaf spring, bushes and shocks

Brakes: Triumph
(master) STD
(front) After market vented discs
(rear) Std drum

Wheels/Tires: 13" hot wire mags Tiers TBA

Body Mods: New paint, V Green ??

Interior: Mazda MX 5 seats

Out with the old
out with the old.jpg

RWD 4AGE and T50 combo


First trial fit. Trying to get engine to sit back and low as poss. Alloy radiator will need to mount lower
Spity 4age + radiator RHS.jpg

Removed the sump as bowl is at front of engine, right where the crossmember is.

sump off.jpg

Also steering rack and harmonic balancer clash.Trimmed the large pully to get front of engine lower.

steering rack clearance.jpg

Fire wall - tappet cover clearance. Heater hoses fuel lines etc to be sorted
Fire wall clearance.jpg

LHS engine mount. Main plate tacked in. Front brace to be welded in once thats all done
Engine mount LHS 2.jpg

RHS engine mount, steering shaft has to be clear.
engine mount RHS 2.jpg

Gear box rear mount. Needs more clearance at the back. Gear box support was custom made.
T50 LHS rear 2.jpg

T50 LHS rear.jpg

T50 RHS rear.jpg

Clutch lever and chassie need some work.
clutch arm chassie.jpg

Trimed off the end of clutch arm, and knotching the chassie for arm and slave cylinder clearance.
clutch arm RHS.jpg

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