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Mads Lund

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12/02/2012 04:50PM

Main British Car:

Mads Vejnoe, TVR M 3000 with Jaguar S V6 engine
Posted by: Vejnoe
Date: December 03, 2012 01:45PM

Owner: Mads Vejnoe Lund
City: Hammel, Denmark
Car Model: TVR M 3000, 1977
Engine: Essex 3000 V6


Engine: Jaguar S type 3000 V6 with ported head and new intake plenum

Update march 31...

Last 4 weeks spend on mounting, makinig prop & drive shafts + the 100 small mechanical things. I'm lucky to have a good frind with a lathe in his garage. The wheels are on, and it's like a major milestone in all TVR rebuilds to be able to take the below pictures. So tomorrow will the body go on, and electrical work + intake plenum remains. Let's guess that there will be a engine startup celebration in late april.
Currently 1050 lbs / 525 kg cabin, doors and hood will add around 600 lbs/300 kgs more. Jag/Mondeo engine wil target at 250-275


Cooling: Ford transit radiator with cosworth fan

Exhaust: Parts supplied by MIJ exhaust, custom design by owner using 1 3/4" headers with 2x2 1/4" tail pipes and muflers

Transmission: Jaguar S 5 speed manual gearbox with 1:1 ratio in 5'th gear

Rear Axle: BMW M3 - 3.0 E36 LSD with 3.15 ratio, E39 wheel bearings, dual CV homemade propshaft and M3/E39 merged driveshafts.

Front Susp.: Homemade by owner, using E46 uprights, modified E46 anti rollbar, Protech shocks and Z3 power ass. steering rack (LDH conversion), track narrowed 20mm to accomodate 8,5"x16 rims and enable more steering angle. Original bump steer probmels eliminated. Original Kingpin angle 10deg, new is 15deg. Caster decreased from 6,5deg to 5,5 deg adj., camber adjustable -3 - +3 deg, bump camber increased from 4"-2deg to 4"-3deg

Rear Susp.: Modified TVR M 3000, using E39 wheel bearings (for disc conversion), adjustable antiroll bar using 19mm E61 rear arb with E46 droplinks. Rear geometry modified to narrow the track by 30mm each side to accomodate 9,5"x16 rims with no body modifications

(master) Original Triumph unit
(front) E46 vented discs with E46 caliper
(rear) modified E36 front discs with Lucas/Audi rear calipres (internal hand brake)

ACT "BBS style" one piece rims, selection of 7,5-8,5-9,5x16 avaliable. 9,5" with 245/45/16 tires fit in the rear with no body modification needed, 7,5 with 225/50/16 fit in front, 8,5 will probaly be used but require 1" extension on the bonnet/front arches

Body Mods: None planned, stock apperance is spot on and body patina is excelent.

Interior: LHD conversion, else stock. New seats is planned as the original are worn out.

Electrical: ECU will be VEMS unit, all wiring will be redone, Ford mondeo fuse/relay box will be used. All engine sensors will be jaguar/ford components, electrical speedo will be used, interior electrics/instruments will be keept as original

Original apperance

Update march, assembly in progress. Still need to manufacture radiator tubes, intake plenum, propshaft, drive shafts and electrics

Bracket for adjustable rear anti roll bar, droplink not finish, and new brake setup preassembled
Brake hanger and bearing spacer + E39 wheel bearings

E36 M3 - 3.0 Limited slip differential together with 9,5" rims, almost a formula car worthy :-)
Close-up of LSD mounting

028 (2).JPG
Jaguar S engine 90 kgs lighter than stock engine, and slightly smaller i physical size, so no problems with exhaust, bonnet hight etc. Only minor interferrence was the generator where I had to modify the frame slightly.
Engine before porting and clean-up
Phase one front suspension design, Anti roll bar is version2, but that design was scrapped in favor of ver3 :-)
Final design of front suspension, E46 uprights, Protech shocks with 450 lbs/in springs MotionRatio of 0,56, not ideal but the best compromize achivable
Front suspension again
Body-on for verification of wheel clerance and exhaust fitment. Te body will stay on for a couple of weeks for LHD conversion, frame modification is required to allow space for the steering axel.
Rim spacing with 9,5" rear and 8,5" front, is spot on. Track rear is 164cm front is 162 cm.
Cheap and beautifull work by MIJ exhaust, many hours will follow to fabricate the headers. But lucky me, it's soon christmas holiday
Headers ready for final welding (will be done by a prof. as they need to be smooth inside)
Ehaust in place before fabrication the hangers, that's all done now, and heares is to follow.
Custom made intake plenum is in design phase. It will be a pain to cut the tubing, but what the hell, let's call it a challenge :-)
029 (3).JPG
Picture for Bill, showing how the new bottom A-arms started their life

Any comments and suggestions, please leave me a message. And anybody intereste in a real life look is more than welcome, my garage is heated, with cold beers in the fridge, place is near Aarhus in Denmark

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Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
(4578 posts)

10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Mads Vejnoe, TVR M 3000 with Jaguar S V6 engine
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Date: June 14, 2013 02:09PM


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