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Bill Young
Bill Young
Kansas City, MO
(1337 posts)

10/23/2007 09:23AM

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Faux TD Project
Posted by: Bill Young
Date: December 09, 2012 09:13PM

Just getting started on my next project. Started with a fiberglass MGTD body and some Panasport wheels and Yokahama tires left over from my Lotus Europa.
Power will be from a Mazda RX7 12A engine and matching 5 speed along with the rear axle and anything else I can use off the car. Chassis will be a square tube space frame based on a Locost design with Triumph Spitire front suspension and steering.
Hope to have it running before the 2012 British V8 meet to get some track time in and some autocross runs.
Front suspension will be based on the suspension from a Triumph Spitfire. I'll build my own cross member to pick up the Triumph mounting points using a jig made off the front section of a Sptifire frame. Same basic suspension is used on the Lotus Europa and handles great.

Progress is being made after the move into my new shop. Frame is being constructed on a "build table" made from some 3/4" plywood reinforced by some 2X4 stringers. Front suspension is now complete after building a jig from the original Triumph Spitfire frame section. Radiator has been selected, motor and trans are now installed on new mounts, oil cooler and Accusump mountings are complete. Working next on the steering column and pedals.
More progress. Bought a new Miller 180 MIG welder and it's making progress so much faster. Now have almost all the chassis basic tubing in place, still need to extend the rear a bit to support the gas tank. Have a pair of QA1 coil over shocks for the front and incorporating Model A Ford front fender brackets into the shock mount so that the fenders are properly supported.RX7.
IMG_0003 (3).JPG
IMG_0008 (2).JPG
IMG_0012 (2).JPG
Had roll bar tubing bent at a local race car shop, two hoops, one leaning back at the same angle as the hood side line and the other vertical with rear braces running at the same angle as the front bar towards the rear. The two bars will be separated by 1 1/2" with three small tubes connecting the two.
IMG_0002 (3).JPG
Windshield will be a pair of Brooklands screens, Vintage TD style mirrors will be fitted.
More progress. The roll bar has been finished except for some final welding and the rear frame section has been completed including a support for the gas tank. An aluminum unit from Speedway that is similar in size and shape to the original TD tank. I think it looks right at home. Gave it some protection from the rear with a bit of rectangular steel tubing across the back. I now have the brackets for the rear frame and axle housing for the four link to bolt to, need to get those tacked in place if I can before I have to stop work for the summer.
I've also ordered and received vintage style mirrors for the car, a center dash mirror from an Austin Healey and side mirrors from a TD
Going to look right at home with the Brooklands screens.
Just a couple of things completed since the last post. I now have the battery box mounted behind the passenger seat as well as the attachment brackets for the rear four bar tack welded to the frame members.
I also mounted a master battery cutoff switch to the roll bar as per SCCA rules.
I also mounted the gas tank by welding threaded tubing bungs into the rear frame members and drilled the gas tank flange to match.

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Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
(4578 posts)

10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Faux TD Project
Posted by: Moderator
Date: November 13, 2013 05:06PM


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