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Doug Brown
Webster, South Dakota
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12/11/2012 05:38PM

Main British Car:
1971 Mk II MGB coupe 1992 302 Ford H.O. EFI

My 1st Project - 71 MGB w/5.0L HO
Posted by: nobogez07
Date: January 06, 2013 02:36PM

My introduction is in the new member thread so I'll spare the details of how this project has come to pass.

I've spent 8 months planning (and purchasing parts) for the project basing my build on maximizing the weight to HP number. I have now had the benefit of viewing so many projects that have come before mine it almost seams like cheating! With that, I've made a number of changes to the project plan base on the views.

I will add photos as I better understand how that's done (technilogically challenged!!). It seems a shame to take a perfectly restored MGB and tear it apart to build what you've always wanted but that's the plan and there's no looking back!!

My next post will identify all of the parts I plan to include in the build for engine, trans, suspension, ect. What I can't include is the structural changes I intend to make. Again, the goal is weight to HP as a goal. I don't want to scarifice handling as I'm looking forward to both pleasure driving and some occasional auto crossing!!

My current toy is a 2004 Mini Cooper. It isn't over the top with mods (mostly bolt on stuff w/ a chip) but it's really quick and is like driving a go-cart!! I hope to create a car that has even better characteristics.

My plan calls for building the engine I really want! I've started on the engine as well as disassembling the car! Here we go!!!

It's now 1/11/13 and the holidays have passed and the birthday's have all but passed,

I'm waiting for my block to come back from the cleaning and boring. In the meantime I've removed the engine, front X-member, and the rear axle. In addition, I've taken the seats, carpet, top, and many odds and ends off. I hope I've isolated the hardware in such a way that I can find it again when I may need it.

The body looks excellent but then with a complete restoration 5 years ago and only 500 or so miles on it I would expect that!! I did see where the restorer took many short cuts that if doing it yourself you wouldn't do. Shame on him.

I have a friend who owns a fiberglass plant. He was over with me yesterday to talk over some body ideas I have. I want to make a T-top for the car rather than the traditional rag top. The idea came from the 68 Corvette. In looking over the mechanicals he indicated that this is very doable! GREAT.

Well I'm not sure if the engine is next or tackling the dash and front wind screen - I guess I'll know Monday!!

Yes pictures are coming but again who want to see a shell of a car!!!

I have slowed somewhat due to business concerns. Since the last post, I've removed the steering shaft. Other than that it's been trying to remove the gued in insulation!! What a pain!! two items remain that need to cone off. The dash and the windscreen. I'm really not sure how to attack these two. Like everything else you just get in there and do it!

The body, doors and front fenders are scheduled for wet blasting in two weeks. They should be ready by then. I've also started to accumulate parts that need powder coating. These primarily consist of engine parts at this time but I'm also including the front suspension and X-member. All of these parts will be done in a brushed anodized silver. I hope they turn out like I expect!!

I'm also beginning in the 8.8 rear axle. All of the brackets need to be removed and the plasma cutter really comes in handy for that task. The narrowing process is still a ways off but at least the axle will be ready when the time comes.

I found out I'd ordered the wrong EFI kit. Four weeks to get the right one here - bummer!!! That slows things down even more! How do these guys who supposedly have 3 days to build a car live with the "back order" blues?!!!

Back later!!

Well, much has taken place since the last post. I'm now down to the frame. Sad to say the restorer who did this car in 2005 took numerous short cuts in completing the job. The good news is NO RUST!!!

The block came back today so it gives me a chance to start on the engine rebuild. I have to wait until March 5th to get the injector system from Edelbrock. I would have gone with the Ford system but the intake just caused too many problems. I think they finally got it right with the Coyote 5.0!!

I've also started work on getting the rear axle ready for its future work. I still am planning the flares so the width adjustments will have to wait until they are done.

The body goes for wet blasting next week then it's back here for body work (I hope I have all the changes engineered by then) and then the plaz cutter comes out. The biggest issue is the Targa top I'm building. I have to engineer it in such a way as to create a new B pillar for the car. Getting it so the top and side windows match up and seal is a formitable task! Stay turned, I'm sure the four letter words will be flying!! I hope this isn't a family site!

I have an accumulation of parts that are ready for powder coating. All the reusable hardware is being derusted and Electroless nickel plated so it's ready to go when needed.

Well, I returned from a golf trip in Florida on Monday only to find it was -17 degrees and a wind blowing 40 mph. Good news though, the engine rebuild is going well. I still have to wait until the 1st week in March for the EFI from Edelbrock. The Electromotive XDI system arrived while I was gone so just one more item to go!!

The body has been gutted and I've started cutting on the slam panel and fire wall. I don't want to take too much off the drivers side so as to limit my leg room!!

Tuesday was a catch up day in the office and Wednesday is a catch up day at home. Tommorow I'm back at it!! Time to tackle the doors and windows! Just one quick note - I'm going to need to find some B-GT windows to do the Targa top I'm planning

3/25/13 WOW!!! I really had no idea how long it takes to draw up a game plan and then execute it!! I've had to make a change to the game plan. Edelbrock has taken 3+ months to get a Pro-Flo II completed with no end in sight and so I cancelled the order. That really screwed up the plan. As I've said, the engine is the first and most important item I'd like to complete.

In the meantime I've been practicing my TIG welding to begin the body mods that will need to take place. Filling in various body holes and cutting new ones I'm sure will take time. Just a few items that I'll need to adjust for are - A/C unit and condenser, battery mount, engine mounts, targa top assembly, fuel filler, dash assembly, connecting an open truck, just to name a few. No worries though as this is a once in a life time project!

The change from Edelbrock required new research. FAST came out the winner. That in conjenction with the Electromotive DFI should make for an interesting project and a differant sort of EFI/Ignition system.

I've been doing small odds and ends. Cleaning, stripping, and powder coating various parts has been kind of fun. At least they're ready to go. I've rebuilt my 24lb fuel injectors with new filters and O-rings. I've rebuilt my altenator with a cleaning and new brushes. Remember, I've never worked on a car before so for me this has been very exciting!!

The 5.0L block has been painted Ford blue. The engine rebuild should be ready to go next week- I'm really excited to see if I can really do it!!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned but the B is completely stripped of parts. I have to remove that pesky aluminum sheeting inside the cockpit from it's prior rebuild in 2005. Can't really blast the body until if warms up. This morning's temp -4 degrees F / is Spring ever going to get here? We have 20" of snow on the ground and drifts 8' high in many places. That SUCKS

I've spent much more money than I anticipated but mostly on the engine. Most everything else will come from the junk yard - I hope!!!

I'm working on the transfer of pics to the site but still haven't figured that one out. My daughter is due home for Easter ah!! someone to the rescue! I've been taking them - I just don't know how to post them!!

The design for the Targa top is progressing. The parts and pieces are slowly coming together. This one's going to be the toughest part of the whole project but have faith - well I'm trying.

Till next time

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Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
(4578 posts)

10/12/2007 02:16AM

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71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: My 1st Project - 71 MGB w/5.0L HO
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Date: June 14, 2013 02:06PM


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