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James Bird

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01/01/2011 12:13AM

Main British Car:

Bo Bird's 1956 Healey 100 bn2 Chevy 283
Posted by: Bobird
Date: February 05, 2013 12:03AM

Owner: Bo Bird
City: Cape Cod Ma.
Car Model: 100

Engine: 1959 283 w/ fuelie heads. Offenhauser intake with Holley tri power. Roller cam , Murcury aluminum pulleys, Custom alternator bracket,

Cooling: circle track radiator and electric from summit racing. Modified

Exhaust: Rams Horne headers, custom exhaust with 12 inch resonators and 14 inch magnaflo mufflers.

Transmission: Borg Warner T5 w/ short throw shifter , 12 volt shift knob line lock button, s10 tail shaft (locates shifter forward 6 inches.) Connected to rear end with corvette torque arm. Mcleod heavy duty bel housing w/ Mcleod Hydrolic clutch.

Rear Axle: 1987 C4 corvette quarter shafts, Dana 44 posi 373

Front Susp.: Narrowed Mustang two IFS with QA1 adjustable coil over shocks

Rear Susp.: 1987 C4 corvette IRS. Narrowed inches, converted to QA1 adjustable coil over shocks. custom drive shaft

Brakes: 11" Rotors all for corners, corvette double piston calipers on rear.
(master) Tilton double master cylinders with bias bar.
(front) line locks


Body Mods: Tin fender flares, Roll Hoop, Moved trunk wall back 2 inches to make room for IRS. Firewall and Floor mods.

Interior: Tilton Clutch/Gas/Break pedal assembly, Landrover E-Break handle, Aluminium transmission tunnel, center console gauge cluster/ switch panel.

Electrical: Painless Chevy wireing harnes, MSD 6AL ignition, remote key fob w/ push button start, alarmed
Day 1

Here are some pictures from its first build in 1973.

I'm in touch with the previous owner, I've been sending him photo's of the build as I get them. He's one of my good friends dad's. this is one of his last memory's of the Healey.

James: Thought I lost these awhile back, along with the email. WOW! I'm speechless.

This should be one sweet ride!

Ran the car a few times at grudge night at New England dragway...1972 or 73. Sick motor before I rebuilt it in college. 1957 Chevy 3-speed and the 3:36 rear posi and the tires as yougot it etc etc. and a very bad clutch disc. I built it all from scrounged parts caus I couldn't afford anything else while I was in prep school. First run was a 15.6 a bit under 100mph. Someone we didn't know tinkered with the carb...Ran 14.2 don't remember the speed. Was having alot of trouble shifting as the clutch wasn't doing well. LAST RUN: Up against a suped up Camaro...dead even out of the hole. Lost 2 car lengths trying to get second gear (clutch going west) went to 6500 RPM in 2nd and couldn't get shut down and coasted. By the way, caught the Camaro while in second. Ran 15.3 @ 86 mph coasting from the top of second. Only three runs I ever made with it. Clutch blew completely(Pieces on ground) trying to put it on my Dad's trailer.

Hope things are coming along with the project. Awesome!
35+ years in storage took its tole on the Healey.
When we finally got it to the shop and started poking around we noticed that when jacking the car up from the rear it actually bent in the middle substantially before coming off the ground.
Pounds and pounds of Body filler was removed. This pile was scraped off of the rear valance. Traction??

Fast forward a couple summers. She's inverted!

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Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
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10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Bo Bird's 1956 Healey 100 bn2 Chevy 283
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Date: June 14, 2013 02:31PM


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