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Larry C. "Buddy&a Hammond Jr.
Stone Mountain, Georgia USA
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08/28/2012 07:37AM

Main British Car:
1969 MGC Roadster Ford V8

Buddy's 1969 MGC Tourer/Roadster V8 Project
Posted by: BuddyHammond
Date: March 03, 2013 06:08PM

Owner: Buddy Hammond
City: Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA
Car Model: 1969 MGC Tourer
Engine: Ford 351W Stroker Crate Motor (Ford Racing P/N M-6007-X427FRT)
427 cubic inches Rated 450 hp 520 lb-ft (
Transmission: TREMEC TKO600 (Ford Racing P/N M-7003-R58H) Close Ratio 5-Speed
Gear ratios: 1st 2.87; 2nd 1.90; 3rd 1.34; 4th 1.00; 5th 0.68
Rear Axle: Ford 8 inch Wilwood Disc from Ted Lathrop @ Fast Cars
Cooling: Aluminum Radiator from Fast Cars
Exhaust: Fender well exit headers from Fast Cars, 2-1/2 inch Stainless C2 Corvette side exhaust (Ecklers).
Front Susp.: Stock MGC with SuperPro Polyurethane Bushing Kit from Robert Kirk @ Kirk's Auto Refitters
Rear Susp.: Stock MGC leaf springs, new replacement from Victoria British with SuperPro Polyurethane
Bushing Kit from Robert Kirk @ Kirk's Auto Refitters, Spax Tubular Shock Kit.
Brakes: Wilwood Master Cylinder
(front) Wilwood disc
(rear) Wilwood disc
Wheels/Tires: Planned: ET Wheels - Team 3 Wheels Model AC-III (wheel size and tires TBD)
Body Mods: NOS Moss Motors Sebring Body Kit (not yet installed) British Racing Green
Interior: TBD Planned: Stock Replacement Autumn Leaf or Tan.
MGB Abingdon pillow replacement V8 style dash in fiberglass from Andy Jennings UK
Electrical: Full Compliment Auto Meter Gauges, Complete re-wire in progress.
Fuel Delivery: Edelbrock Performer Manifold w/ Edelbrock Performer Carb 750 cfm.
18 gal Aluminum replacement tank from Brian McCullough @ BMC British Automobile

Many years ago, at a local car show, I happened to see an MGB that had been modified using a Small Block Ford
289/302 w/ 4-Speed. I was amazed that the combination could be made to fit the MGB. It was a chrome bumper car
done in a silver blue. I haven't forgotten that car after 25 years, So I decided that I should build my own. The project
started in Late July 2012 with my purchase of a 1969 MGC Roadster off of e-Bay. I had been looking for an MGB but
stumbled upon this car for sale without motor or transmission. The empty engine bay was covered by an original alloy
hood sporting an oval hole with the remains of a GM exhaust system from a previous owners V8. While the overall condition
of the car was worn, interior rotted, with mustang seats it was very nearly rust free.
My first foray into the MG Experience Forums produced quite an uproar with the MG Purist Crowd, It kind of reminds me of
the Corvette and Porsche guy's that demand strict originality.......... Down to the bolts, batteries and matching numbers.
Robert Kirk kindly pointed me to the British V8 Forum where I have learned many lessons and avoided numerous problems by reading the Project Journals, How It Was Done, and Forum Topics.
During the planning for the project I found that the rear sump oil pan I had would be too far below the frame rails for comfort. I decided to resolve this by assembling a dry sump oiling system with a very shallow oil pan. David Townsend was kind enough to provide excellent advice and counsel on this topic. I am very grateful for his post regarding implementation of dry sump oiling
that enabled me to avoid several pitfalls. As per his advice I was able to locate a nice Weaver Brothers 3-Stage pump and tank
off of eBay. Davids prediction regarding cost to plumb the system was spot on. The AN fittings and hose will end up costing more than the other components.
Thus far I have partially disassembled the car and spent many hours with a wire brush scraping old under coating, dirt
and grime. I discovered the cars original color is BRG oversprayed with bright red.
Having cleaned the rear under carrige and treated with POR-15 I have installed the rear end, new springs, fuel tank and Spax tubular shock kit. Coming soon will be the initial engine/transmission fitting/install.
I hope to post some photo's soon.

Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
(4577 posts)

10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Buddy's 1969 MGC Tourer/Roadster V8 Project
Posted by: Moderator
Date: March 04, 2013 09:31PM


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