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david zavetsky
(18 posts)

02/25/2013 03:06PM

Main British Car:
1961 Daimler SP-250 Daimler HEMI 2.5L race motor

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Daimler SP-250 racecar diary
Posted by: dz8190
Date: May 09, 2013 10:14AM

Owner: David Zavetsky
City: Wellsboro, PA
Car Model: SP-250 Type B
Engine: 2450cc 2.5L Huffaker Engineering built Aluminum headed 2.5L, 12.8:1 Venolia Pistons, Carillo rods, Forged crank, SU H-6race Carbs, Piper custom grind cam, custom headers, custom flywheel, stock intake, 221hp.

Previous History from previous owners and Logbooks:
Race Logbook CSRG, RCMP & HMSA for Laguna Seca (’02), Sebring, Sears Point (‘01/’02), CSRG- FROHC (’02), HMSA Wine Country Classic (’03), 12 Hrs of Sebring (’05), RCMP Vintage Praries Calgary(‘09/’10), Westwood 50- VRCBC-Mission (’09), NASCC GT (’08). Ol Logbook; General Racing, Ltd; ’78 Lion County WSSCC, ‘79 Monterey Rally, ’79 Portland Road Race, ’82 HMSA Portland, ’82 Westwood Villiage Roadrace. ’70 —’75 Elkhart Raceway- stock. Orig. maintained by Rimseussels Garage in WI.

Body: Windscreen: Race Lexan
Construction: Fiberglass (stock) Color: British Racing Green (stock, interior removed, No Modifications)

Type: Daimler 2.5 Liter Hemi V8 - Huffaker Engine Builder: Huffaker, Balanced, Blueprinted (r 2003)
Manufacturer: Daimler Block: Steel- Huffaker Displacement: 2500 cc
Horsepower: 200 Dyno’d - Huffaker Carbs/Induction: Dual SU, tuned - Huffaker
Heads: Aluminum - Huffaker Connecting Rods: Carrillo - Huffaker
Main Caps: Carrillo - Huffaker Crankshaft: Balanced Forged - Huffaker
CAMSHAFT: PIPER - Huffaker Pistons: Venolia - Huffaker
Flywheel: Aluminum/Custom - Huffaker Hardware: ARP bolts - Huffaker
Exhaust: Full, S.S. Headers - Custom - Huffaker

Daimler 4 speed, rebuilt shaft by GMT (2013), Piper pressure plate, custom aluminum flexplate.
Manfacturer: Daimler – GMT (2013) shaft repl. Pressure Plate: Piper - Huffaker
Type: manual Gears: 4 speed - Huffaker, 2000

Rear End:
Manufacturer: Sunbeam Tiger - Huffaker Type: Sunbeam Posi Lock, Ratio: 4:27 - Huffaker

Chassis & Suspension:
Type: Ladder, Welded & Strength’nd - Huffaker Builder: Daimler/- Huffaker
Finish: Power Coat – Huffaker Rear Suspension: Leaf spring/4 link - Huffaker
Shocks: (rear) Vice Lever shocks - Huffaker Front Suspension: Double A-arm, Coil-overs - Huffaker
Steering: Rack and Pinion - Huffaker Rollcage: Scuttle Hoop, Side impact & Chassis ties – Hk’r
Sway Bar: Competition - Huffaker Spindles: Heavy Duty – Huffaker
Brakes: Disk/Disk - Huffaker

Fuel System:
Fuel Cell Manufacturer: Fuel Safe Age: 10 years - Huffaker
Capacity: 10 gal Fuel Pump & Filter: Electric, Fram - Huffaker
Fuel Type: C112 Hoses: Braided S. Steel - Huffaker

Oil/Water System:
Radiator: Ron Davis Aluminum - Huffaker Water Pump: Belt Driven
Oil Cooler: Aluminum - Huffaker Tubing: Braided SS hoses - Huffaker

Electrical System:
Ignition: MSD ignition - Huffaker Distributor: MAGnetic Pickup - Huffaker
Alternator: None Battery: Gel Cell

Tires: Hoosier race Wheels: Alloy Minilite Race - Huffaker
Spares: Full set tires

Misc: Fire System, Elec. Kill switch, Gauges, Windscreen, Fram remote Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump, catch tanks & overflow tanks
01 SearsPt csrg3.jpg
1 111338924026pa.jpg
1 111338924026pa.jpg

Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
(4578 posts)

10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Daimler SP-250 racecar diary
Posted by: Moderator
Date: June 14, 2013 02:18PM


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