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Calvin Grannis
Elk Grove,CA
(1151 posts)

11/10/2007 10:05AM

Main British Car:
74 TR6 / 71 MGB GT TR6/Ls1 71 MGB GT/Ls1

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Brenda Grannis's 1971 MGB GT with 2002 Ls1 V8 "Part One"
Posted by: 74ls1tr6
Date: June 02, 2013 09:57PM

Owner: Calvin & Brenda Grannis
City: Elk Grove, CA
Car Model: 1971 MGB GT

Engine: 2002 GM Ls1, Donor Ws6 Firebird

Cooling: Griffin 24" X 19" with 1984 Dodge Caravan single puller fan.

Exhaust: 1 3/4" primary header, dual 2 1/2" into X pipe, Muffler 2 1/2" out to 2 1/2 silencer. May need to use oval pipe for clearance!

Transmission: T56 from donor Firebird

Rear Axle: Fast Cars Inc. Axle 3.54.1 ratio with Auburn lsd

Front Susp.: Fast Cars Inc. IFS front suspension & 7/8" sway bar. 53" width

Rear Susp.: Fast Cars Inc. 3 link coil over suspension 51" width (Was going to go IRS but decided not to)

Brakes: Wiwood calipers on all four corners
(master) Haven't decided yet.

Wheels/Tires: Billet Specialties Hyper Black 15" X ? Tires ?

Body Mods: Flairs all four corners. Brenda decided PPG Atlantic Pearl Blue 2 stage.

Interior: MK1 medal dash with Phantom white faced gauges. Vintage Air mini II A/H/D. Early Miata high back seats. Body color dash.

Electrical: Steve Carrick's Advanced Auto-wire kit

I will be adding photos soon!

This is the before photo! Car came from NM. It has a smoke bomb of an engine with an aluminum head and Weber carb. The interior has all been redone. There is bondo on this car in several places. I haven't seen much rust, but will find out soon! Curtis asked about the Mirror's on this car? I have know idea what car they came from? Found alot of bolts loose in this car all over the place. The suspension is like a sponge. This will all be changed soon. After Omaha meet were diging in on the tear down.

Brenda GT.jpg

Brenda's 2002 Ls1 is in the warehouse! Will take off alt, ac, pwr steering, idler pully, exhaust manifolds etc... to lighten up. We also recieved the aluminum drive line that came out of the same car. It will then be put into our small work trailer and go home to our house. T56 shifts well right on the pallet. This engine seems to have an SLP crank pulley on it with a reusable ARP bolt. When I pulled off the exhaust manifolds, looked at all the ports, engine was running well. Pulled a car fax on the vin, engine, passed smog on all years that it was on the road. What is nice I have all the top end parts from my TR6 ls1 that can be re-worked instead of buying aftermartket parts.
2013-06-03 14.09.00.jpg

Moving engine and all lift equipment from warehouse to the house.

Started taking off the front bumper and front valance in the evening. Found some pretty awesome looking bondo!

Okay!! I have Brenda here on Fathers day digging in before it gets hot today. She took off the back bumper by herself. How cool is that to have a wife like Brenda. I believe she will have very good knowledge of a GT by the time this car is finished
2013-06-16 12.01.14.jpg

Brenda already had the tail light's out, reverse light's, and side markers done before the rear bummper.
2013-06-16 12.01.27.jpg

We really enjoyed fathers day together :-). As the day goes by and the tear down continues.
2013-06-16 14.03.35.jpg

Stuff was coming out with speed and being bagged and labeled.
2013-06-16 14.04.15.jpg

Front hood, head lights, side markers, turn signals, front bumper, valance, and recessed grill, all removed. Old office chairs work great for this kind of work. You can roll around the car and to pick up a tool or two to save your back.
2013-06-16 14.03.50.jpg

Pretty much striped out all the interior except the dash.
2013-06-16 18.54.24.jpg

Started taking off some of the thick tar matting to check for rust. No rust here and hardley any surface rust.
2013-06-16 18.54.35.jpg

Orange or a Red color, kind of a color blind here so Orange/Red
2013-06-16 18.54.50.jpg

The spare tire area didn't have any rust either.I did smell some gas back there. So I'm wondering if the top of the fuel tank is rusted some, but the smell of gas is there. Need to drian 1/2 tank of fuel out for the lawn mower.
2013-06-16 18.55.03.jpg

This will be next for another day soon. We had a cold one for the days progress, and for fathers day!
2013-06-16 18.55.36.jpg

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Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
(4578 posts)

10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Brenda Grannis's 1971 MGB GT with 2002 Ls1 V8 "Part One"
Posted by: Moderator
Date: April 21, 2015 01:51AM


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