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Don Childs
Cass City, Michigan
(9 posts)

09/03/2009 11:17PM

Main British Car:
1976 TR6 Ford 302

Don's TRiStang
Posted by: dchilds
Date: August 08, 2013 08:42PM

Owner: Don & Bridget Childs

City: Cass City, Michigan

Car Model: Triumph TR6

Engine: 1993 Mustang 5.0
GT-40P Heads w/ Roller Rockers
Edelbrock RPM Performer Intake Manifold
Holly 650ccm Double Pumper w/ mechanical secondaries
Trick Flow Specialties Stage 1 Cam

Cooling: Custom Aluminum 'Mark 7" Radiator
Spal Electric Fan

Exhaust: Patriot Tight Tuck Headers
Patriot Side Pipes

Transmission: 1993 Mustang T-5
B&M Short Throw Shifter

Rear Axle: Narrowed TurboCoupe: 4-Lug; 3:55 Posi; Disc Brakes

Front Susp.: Altered front stock suspension for more Camber
Modified QA1 Mustang II Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks

Rear Susp.: Owner built Adjustable 5-Link
Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks

(master) 'Right Stuff Detailing" Master Cylinder/ Brake Booster
Speedway Motors Adjustable Rear Proportioning Valve

(front) Stock TR6
Slotted Rotors

(rear) Stock TurboCoupe
Slotted Rotors

Wheels: 17 x 9 Mustang Cobra 'R'

(Front) Kuhmo 225/45-17
(Rear) Nitto 555 Drag Radials 275/40-17

Body Mods: Shaved door handles, side marker lights & Wrap-around Bumper
'65 Mustang Tail Lights
Recessed Side-Pipes
"Shaker" Hood Scoop
Front & Rear Nerf Bumpers
Custom Grille
Fuel Cell

Interior: Aftermarket Seats (Black w/ Red Stiching)
4 Point Racing Harness
Aftermarket Stearing Wheel (Black w/ Red Stiching)
Dual Hoop Roll Bar
Custom Aluminum Dash
NUV Performance Series White Face Gauges

Electrical: Trunk Mounted Optima Battery
Carter Electric Fuel Pump

R F profile aug 16.jpg

I have always dreamed of building a replica Cobra since a kid. Been following the Cobra replica industry for years. Even visited the Factory Five factory & seriously considered it until I restored a TR6 & discovered 'British V8"
I've been into cars all my life. Helped my uncle build a Manx dune buggy in the 60's when I was about 12. He was also into drag & dirt track racing, so I was always around it. My 1st cars in order: '62 V8 Impala, '67 429 Thunderbird, '69 MG Midget (myself & a buddy of mine circled the U.S. with this car in 1977) '68 289 Mustang, '70 Plum Crazy Cuda I owned for 25 years & never should of sold. Many more too numerous to mention. (or recall)
Was into off-road racing in the late '80's & built a few Jeeps & sand rails, also quads. Was a machinist/ machine builder for 25 years, so I have an advantage in fabrication skills. Nobody should take a project like this lightly.
Here's a picture of the '72 TR6 I restored about 8 years ago & have since sold.

TR6 011.jpg
Looking at the parts car I had left over from the TR6 build got me to thinkin'..........hmmmm............what if??????

Goal: Fast, Save, Low Budget, Good Handling & Braking, Emulate the Cobra/ Mustang Look.
Motto: KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)

stuff for sale 8-29-09 037.jpg
Cut out the rusty rockers.

8-29-09 040.jpg
Replaced with sheet metal to recess the side-pipes.

11-7-09 006.jpg
Engine fits! Minor cutting. Set as low & far back as practical.
Bottom of Oil pan even with bottom of Frame. Need access hole in footwell to access Drivers side rear spark plug.
Steering is gunna' be tight!

11-7-09 010.jpg
The old & the new, or is it the new & the old. I'm confused.

Always loved "Shaker" Hoods. Scary cutting a hole in a perfectly good hood. (Oop's, Bonnet)
Check out the old "So-Cal" Scoop. E-Bay find.

Body off 008.jpg
Never cared for the wrap around bumper & Tail-Lights on the TR6, so.......
Filled in the recesses & installed '65 Mustang Tail-Lights. Luv it or hate it. It's mine.

5-27-12 059.jpg
Mustang 4 lug 17x9" wheels really set it off.
Plugged & re-drilled front hubs for correct bolt battern. (Thanks Ken Hiebert)

On to the chassis. Was very happy with the condition of the Chassis upon disassembly.
Virtually no rust or damage. I feel guilty having to modify it. (OK, I’m over it)

Frame Strengthening: Added tubing to triangulate frame & for the transmission mount.
Note how the loads from the lower suspensions links will be spread throughout the frame.

5-27-12 048 - Copy.jpg
Notched frame for exhaust pipe clearance.
Don’t want em’ draggin’ the ground.

Modified upper A-Arm mounts for more Camber.
Installed altered QA1 Mustang II adjustable Coil-Over Shocks. (Thanks Les Shockey)

5-27-12 053.jpg
8-12-11 013.jpg
Ditched the independent rear end.
Owner designed & built adjustable 3-Link suspension with adjustable Coil-Over Shocks. (Modeled after FFR spec Cobra)
Reinforced frame with ¼”x 2x2 tubing.
Narrowed 8.8” out of a 1988 Ford TuboCoupe. (Posi, 3:55 gears, Disc Brakes)

Motor Mount_5-27-12 071.jpg
Engine Mounts.

5-27-12 048.jpg
The Engine (Detailing by Bridget)

5-27-12 045.jpg
5-27-12 040.jpg
Is that a car or a go-cart?????

2012-04-19 21.00.18.jpg
Sheet metal work to cover up what was removed for engine clearance.

Dropping the Body back on to the completed chassis.

6-10-10 015.jpg
Fabricated Transmission Tunnel

Body work....Yuck....I'm a lucky man, my wife likes it.

Ready for paint!!!!!!!

Laying out stripes. One word: Tedious

Paint Booth.JPG
Lookin Good. Viper Pearl Blue. Pearl White Stripe.

Trailer Home.JPG
Headin' home from the paint booth.

Profile cropped.JPG
Side cropped.JPG
Wheels & SidePipes. She's looking fine with her jewlery on.

Tail lights.JPG
Tail Lights on. Man, she's got a fine lookin' rear end.
I'm real happy with the look.
Still deciding on a bumper.

Windshield profile.JPG
Windshield & Head Lights.
Aluminum grille material on order.
Went with 427 Cobra Bumperettes turned 90 degrees
Also on the Front.
Dash Layout.JPG
Gauges & Dash Layout.

Roll Bar Fitment.JPG
Roll Bar Mock-up.
Rear dash rollbar _6-22-16-a.JPG
Dash and RollBar mounted.
wiring 1.jpg
Dash painted.jpg
Dash painted by "Bridget"
Interior wheel arch aug 16.jpg
Door panel.jpg
Interior.....Getting Close
Shifter with real 8 Ball
dash aug 16.jpg
F L profile aug 16.jpg
Front aug 16.jpg
L r profile aug 16.jpg
Seats aug 16.jpg
rear aug 16.jpg
r r profile aug 16.jpg

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5-27-12 045.jpg

Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
(4578 posts)

10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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