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Daniel Beliveau
Manchester NH
(33 posts)

07/18/2015 07:41PM

Main British Car:
1972 Triumph Stag, 1972 Ford 302 1974 Jensen Healey, Lotus 907 stroked to 2.2 Ltr,

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Dan Beliveau 1972 Triumph Stag with Ford 302
Posted by: dbeliveau
Date: July 18, 2015 08:38PM

Hi everyone just acquired a 1972 Stag RHD with a Ford 302 Cost was $2500.00, found it on Craiglist just down the road in Londonderry, NH. Just happened to be looking on Craigslist during lunch did a search for Triumph. First on the list get lights working for inspection they were blinking very slow and very dim. After extensive searching for the problem ended up cleaning the contacts on the turn signal switch and voila they work!
Funny thing here: I checked the VIN against the production list and it seems my Stag was built in 1974.
stag 3.jpg
Owner:Dan Beliveau
City:Manchester, NH
Car Model:1972 Triumph Stag
Engine:1972 Ford 302 holly 4 barrel


Cooling: 16 x 24 radiator (new) 1 x 16 inch electric fan and 1 x 10 inch electric fan (pushers)

Exhaust: Headers right side goes to the front and under the cross member2 inch hand made duals

Transmission: 4 speed overdrive from a ford F150 not good, shift lever is off center and modified to line up with the hole in the tunnel

Rear Axle:stock

Front Susp.:stock MacPherson struts poly bushings

Rear Susp.:stock KYB shocks

Brakes: stock power assist (supposedly new)
(rear) plan to use finned alum drums possibly from a 240Z?

Wheels/Tires: stock alloy for now

Body Mods:see my artist rendition for body mods

Interior: stock


I recently aquired this project lovingly called the bi-valve by the previous owner (thats Clam)LOL
Starting out with someone elses project is always a challenge. The car was running hot when I first tried to run it so Aug 15,2015 I changed to a 160 thermostat and Sep 4, 2015 moved the 16 inch pusher fan and installled another 10 inch pusher to move more air. Next day the battery had a bad cell so got a new battery, let it idle for 30 + min with both fans running stayed below 200. Sep 19 took a test drive to see how it does on the road. the temp stayed below 190 while driving so I could actually turn off the second fan. but during the drive I had stalling problems looks like I'll have to pull the tank and clean out 40 plus years of junk.
Eventually I want to find a water pump with a shorter front shaft and tilt the radiator forward and install a puller fan from a Lincoln MK 8, they are supposed to be the best at moving air.
and replace the tranny with a T5
the above pictures I used some photos from the net and photo shopped changes I want to make, this gives me the opportunity to see if i like how it will look first.

Sep 3,0215:
Moved cooling fan over added a 10 inch fan to try an d bring down the temp.
Sep 12, 2015: took it out for a test drive running about 190 on the open road only need to turn on the second fan when I get into traffic.
While on the test drive discovered the tank is full of crap. Going to have to come up with a good long term solution. Leaning towards fabricated stainless tank.
Oct 2015:
Going to try cleaning an resealing the fuel tank with the POR 15 product.
Found the tail lights and an edelbrock carb at a swap meet, at New England Dragway
Went to the monarch stag site: [] Wow that BMW rear diff swap sure looks cool and their brake upgrade as well, just need $$$
This winter I should refinish the dash and get the T-5 built.

Dec 2015:
Took out the wood parts of the dash, took measurements for the T-5 (see Sketch)
Made a deal on a tan interior ordered it from Dave in CA
Found a T-5 locally $450. He also has a Boss 302 but wants $4500 for it.
Thinking about these wheels 15x7 ET 15 from Image (see photo) big bucks!
Now I'm looking at a 74 Jensen Healey with a 217hp lotus 907 to drive while i work on the Stag (yikes)
Feb 2016:
What a winter we can see spring around the corner!!
Well I picked up a complete interior (used but excellent condition) in tan already mounted on the frames etc. shipping from CA was as much as the price.
front seats.jpg
rear seat.jpg
Bought 4 new road springs from Stag Parts USA.
Bought 4 Spitfire/GT6 Mk2 rear bumpers from Victoria British.
Bought interior and exterior mirrors, fuel filler hose, sending unit from Rimmer Bros.
Well its been a bit since I looked at the Stag, But finally got off my Arse and started to work again:
Well I bit the bullet and got the POR 15 tank resealing kit. Thus far I have cleaned out the tank poured in the degreaser 50/50 with water sloshed it around, turned the tank and let it soak or 2 hours in each position. then drained the degreaser dried it poured in the metal prep sloshed it around and let it set in each position for 30 min then rinsed it with hot water then dried it completely in the sun also using a heat gun. (BTW I also dropped in a hand full of tech screws to help loosen the rust on the tank these were a bugger to get out, used a couple of magnets attached to a coat hanger to fish them out.) Once I felt fairly sure the tank was dry I poured in the quart of sealer as directed. At this point the directions state to let the sealer drain for 30 minutes to avoid pooling well the filler neck protrudes into the tank and doesn't allow the sealer to drain so I rocked it from side to side to get the excess out the fuel pick-up hole got most of it I believe. Them I used the excess on the outside of the tank. (waste not...) Now to wait the 96 hours for the sealer to cure!!! What to do for 96 hours? How about clean scrape de-rust and paint the trunk floor!! brilliant!
Today I decided to work on the stock 14 inch Stag Aluminum wheels.
took the tires off of the wheels, got a gal of aircraft stripper, a plastic chisel/scraper, rubber gloves, and cheep paint brushes.

stag whhels before_0474.JPG
Started to paint the wheels with the Aircraft stripper let it sit for 15 minutes then start scraping (I should have only coated two wheels at a time the stripper started to dry on the others).
stag wheelswith stripper_0475.JPG
The stripper works great on the paint and clear coat also used a small nylon bristle brush to get into the corners. Then spayed them down with a strong spray of water.
Stag wheels after_0476.JPG
As you can see they didn't come out too bad got 99% of the paint off with the first go!
Don't know if you can tell by this pic but 2 wheels were polished and clear coated, and three were anodized. Researching how to remove the anodize and polishing them all the same. Might just leave them cast aluminum and polished. These will be a lot cheaper than the wheels I was considering.
Sent the dash out to Frank Lawson in NC to get new mahogany veneer glued on cost $455. I will finish the wood with 20 coats of tung oil, should be back by 16 May 16, I'll post pics when its finished.

Replaced rear sprigs and poly insulators, had to unbolt the axles at the diff. to lower the arms to replace the springs, installed new grade 8 bolts on the axles.
Removed the front struts found the old ones were leaking so ordered new Spax strut cartridges, and poly insulators. Having the coils and cartridges replaced.
Finally installed the fuel tank have new filler neck and new filters, have new sending unit.
Ordered a rebuild kit and Choke Control Cable from Summit for the Edelbrock 1406 that I picked up at the swap meet.
Got the dash back from Frank Lawson, looks good!
dash before sanding _0488 (816 x 612).jpg
Also the polishing kit from Eastwood finally came in.
having the strut cartridges and coils mounted.
Soaked the wheels in a lye water mix to remove the Anodized hard coat.
Started to polish the wheels
wheel after soaking in lye_0532 (1077 x 808).jpg
wheel soaking in lye_0531 (1077 x 808).jpg
Put the first of many coats of tung oil on the dash
Dash1st coat of tung oil_0533 (1632 x 1224).jpg
decided to get the wheels bead blasted to prep for paint. If I had done this in the first place I would have saved on labor or stripping the paint off. Pic after bead blasting
Stag_wheels after blasting_0563 (1632 x 1224).jpg
Stag_wheels after blasting_0564 (1632 x 1224).jpg
These were prepped with aluminum prep the primed with epoxy primer the base coat clear coated.
Stagwheelsafterpaint5 (600 x 450).jpg
Stahwheelsafterpaint6 (600 x 450).jpg
If I was starting over I would bead blast the wheels from the beginning and Save a bunch of labor and paint stripper.
Installed new front struts and coil springs all around, the rear has new KYB shocks.
It seems like I've been sanding wheels all summer I've got at least 40 hours in each wheel.
Wheel_100gr (600 x 450).jpg
Wheel after 100 grit sanding
Wheel_2000gr (600 x 450).jpg
Wheel after 2000 grit sanding
Wheel_polished (600 x 450).jpg
Wheel after polishing
Rebuilt the Edelbrock Carb that was pretty simple hardest part was adjusting the floats.
Got the tires mounted General Altimax rt43, T-speed Rated 195/70R14s on the front and 205/70R14s on the back. These had the best handling and ride characteristics of the tires available for 14 inch wheels that will fit in the fender wells and clear the suspension without modifying the wheel arches. $368 Mounted and balanced
wheel_tire_0011wtext (1008 x 756).jpg
The wheels and tires look pretty good on the car.
Treated the wheels with Shark hide from Eastwood to protect the polished aluminum finish.
wheelIMG_0030 (1008 x 756).jpg
Ordered a set of Cobra Gauges from Autometer the Tach and Speedo are both 4 in in diameter and should fit in the original gauge cluster, they're also black face white numerals and white needles so will look very similar to the originals. $660. An interesting feature is the the tach and speedo mirror each other instead of swinging from left to right.
Installed the Edelbrock carb have some interference with the valve cover.
ordered a 1/2 inch spacer and a 1 3/4 lowered air filter bottom from Summit came 2 days later wow.
The gauges finally arrived couldn't wait to install them they fit great!!
dash_assembled 0031 (1008 x 756).jpg
dash_assembled 0032 (1008 x 756).jpg
finished dash with 12 coats of tung oil over the mahogany veneer.

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Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
(4578 posts)

10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Dan Beliveau 1972 Triumph Stag with Ford 302
Posted by: Moderator
Date: August 27, 2016 12:26PM


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