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Jake Schwass

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07/20/2015 11:30AM

Main British Car:

Jake Schwass 1974 TR6 with Ford 302 V8
Posted by: jdschwass
Date: February 12, 2017 11:23AM

Owner: Jake Schwass
City: Tara, ON
Car Model: Triumph TR6
Engine: Ford 302 H.O.

Engine: 1991 Ford 302 H.O. Purchased engine out of a 1991 Ford Mustang, 170,000 km's. Rebuild short block with standard components. Edelbrock 600cfm carb, Ford Racing E303 Cam, HEI ignition/distributor, NKB alloy heads, comp cams roller rockers, Edelbrock performer aluminum intake manifold.

Cooling: Ford Mustang Aluminum radiator, Modified Crown Vic electric fan, OEM water pump.

Exhaust: Summit Racing long tube headers, 2.5" custom exhaust, x-pipe installed between cruciform plates, Summit Racing 'Turbo' mufflers, chrome single exhaust tips.

Transmission: Ford T-5 manual 5 speed, Summit Racing short throw shifter.

Rear Axle: OEM TR6 axles/u-joints. Nissan 300ZX R200V differential. 4:08 gears. Custom diff mounts. Still working on manufacturing axle adapters to connect diff to OEM axles. Bears Performance custom drive shaft with standard 1310 yokes. Nissan 1310 D/S yoke to allow use of 1310 ujoint. OEM brakes and hubs.

Front Susp.: Uprated MOSS springs. Gas shock upgrade. Poly bushings all around.

Rear Susp.: Uprated MOSS springs, gas tube shock conversion, MOSS rear sway bar.

Brakes: OEM TR6 brakes.

Wheels/Tires: Konig Rewind wheels, 16"

Body Mods: Significant modification to firewall to allow motor to be moved rearward. Shelby GT350 hood scoop installed. Structural steel added throughout frame. Plate steel overlay around all diff mounts. Frame modified slightly for addition of custom motor mount and tranny mounts. OEM differential mount locations were used, however I did increase the diameter of the bolts to 1/2" and reinforced frame.

Interior: Yet to be completed. So far I have purchased carpeting by the roll, and am building my own carpet pieces. Using recovered early model TR6 seats. OEM dash and console with modifications. Speedhut electronic tachometer, and GPS speedometer. More to come on interior once I get around to painting the car.

Electrical: OEM electrical with modifications to facilitate Ford engine. Addition of modern stereo and additional lighting. Battery relocated to the trunk.

Body is on the car. Hoping to paint it by Spring. Working out the last of my mechanical stuff first. I have cabinets full of parts that I have purchased or refurbished ready to go on the car as soon as the paint is dry. Can wait.
For all my photos, check out my web page: []
The photo gallery has shots from my '76 TR6 restoration, and all the V8 stuff is in the new beginning folder.

Any questions, just ask.


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Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
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10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Jake Schwass 1974 TR6 with Ford 302 V8
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Date: March 22, 2018 01:52AM


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