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04/07/2016 08:29PM

Main British Car:
MGB Still Stock (temporarily)

Dave's MGB with Rover 4.6
Posted by: RDMG
Date: June 26, 2017 10:00PM

Owner: Dave R
City: Northern VA
Car Model: 1979 MGB Tourer (roadster)

Engine: 2004 Land Rover 4.6L V8. Maybe carbed first, maybe EFI later, maybe EFI first.

Cooling: TBD

Exhaust: D&D Mild Steel 4-1 Headers with 1.5" Primaries, remainder TBD

Transmission: 1990 Ford Mustang V8 T5 WC

Rear Axle: 1989 Merkur Scorpio (European Ford Sierra) 3.34:1, LoBro 100mm CV axles

Front Susp.: Stock MGB with a few uprated damper and brake pieces, FastCars IFS setup... someday

Rear Susp.: Hoyle IRS (still in the boxes)

Brakes: Stock MGB front with drilled rotors, Scorpio/Sierra rear discs, Stock master cylinder/booster

Wheels/Tires: 14" UK Minilites with ancient 195/60r14 Yokohamas now, soon to be 15" VTOs with sticky tires

Body Mods: Partially backdated to Mk1 MGB spec with chrome bumper conversion, deleted backup lamps and side marker lamps, deleted door mirror holes, early steel dash, Frontline Developments fiberglass Sebring valance, 1970s period rollbar (maybe), color-matched fiberglass works-type factory hardtop. All will be painted Iris Blue very soon.

Interior: covered in mouse turds, piled into my garage corner. Can't think about it.

Electrical: stock MGB

Comments: Hi everyone, I've been surfing this site and the MGB V8 universe for over a year now, and finally I'm committing to a journal! I'm a technically minded guy with a taste for fabricating things, but this is by far the most involved automotive project I have ever undertaken. I drove a '73 B in high school, and have always loved the looks and feel of the car. My plan is to build the perfect driver's car with some track-day potential, not a trailer/garage queen. Everything on the car will have a factory-ish or period-racing look, using mostly MG pieces. For example, I'll use the later seats trimmed in leather, but with a steel dash and no center console. As little plastic in the interior as possible. No aftermarket add-ons where they show, except for alloy wheels. Underneath the sheetmetal skin, that's a different story...

I found a great stalled MGB project about 3 hours drive away, dragged it home in January, and admired the piles for several months. Zero rust, straight shell, lots of go-fast (or just look fast) parts from Moss that I'll probably sell. At the same time I've been trolling craigslist for engine parts. I bought a late-model Rover Thor-type 4.6L v8 for a song (more on that to come), and cleaned out the garage of an old-timer Buick 215 builder in MD to end up with a 4bbl intake, 4spd bellhousing, Buick 300 Aluminum heads, a 215 flywheel, and a few other bits. Another guy in VA was selling off all his worldly possessions to buy a Macadamia nut farm in Hawaii, leaving me with a really great deal on some 90s mustang driveline bits, including two T5s (one rattles/jingles a lot due to a missed shift. MOre on that later too). In a moment of weakness, I bought a Hoyle IRS kit from the UK, and found a junked Merkur Scorpio to provide the rear axle. I also nabbed an RV8 GEMS EFI manifold from another junkyard. My garage is now stuffed with greasy and dusty junk, and I have to take some action. So far, I think I'm into this adventure for about $8,000, and I would rather not consider how much deeper I'm going to go.

I dropped the V8 into the engine bay for the first time last weekend and cut the holes in the wings for the headers. Photos are on the way...

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