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Monte Padgett
Milo MO
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04/11/2018 04:44PM

Main British Car:

Monte Padgett-78 MGB 302 V8 w AOD trans
Posted by: Padgettsolutions
Date: March 01, 2019 04:41PM

Owner: Monte and Kristy Padgett
City: Milo, MO
Car Model: 78 B
Engine: 302 V8 Plan is to make a 347.

Engine: Plan is for a 347 Ford.

Cooling: Griffin radiator for early Mustang

Exhaust: Fast Cars thru the fender

Transmission: AOD, Ford Automatic Overdrive

Rear Axle: 8 or 9 in Ford. TBD

Front Susp.: Fast Cars

Rear Susp.: 3 link.

Brakes: 4 wheel Disc
(master) - TBD
(front) - Wilwood
(rear) -Wilwood

Wheels/Tires: TBD

Body Mods: TBD

Interior: TBD

Electrical: TBD

Car is disassembled and motor/headers have had initial clearance performed. The AOD trans required a large portion of the firewall/tunnel to be removed. Finished the rotary jig up last week and got the B mounted in it. Scheduled for media blasting late next week.
Since this picture was taken. I have switched to 5 hole hubs.






Much was accomplished this week. Car was media blasted. It pays to shop around! I was able to find a mobile service that drove 80 miles one way to my shop. He did a great job and was $600 less than my other quotes. Plus I would have had to transport the car to have the blasting done. That was on Thursday. Thursday evening we, ( my wife and son ) started applying the etching primer to the fresh metal on the lose pieces. Weather issues delayed painting the tube until Sunday. We found some unknown damage after the blasting, but that is why we blasted in the first place. Overall the tube is in pretty good shape. The rockers on both side need repair. Lower dog legs on the qtrs need work. Floor boards need replaced and weather strip molding in the engine compartment needs a little repair.
MG frt prim.jpg

mg rr qtr damage.jpg
Previous repair work discovered!
mg rr qtr damage 2.jpg

mg floor damage.jpg
Several pin holes from rust. I will replace. Also a better shot showing how much of the firewall was removed to make room for the AOD automatic trans.

Mg L rocker damage.jpg
I new this rocker was damaged, but I did not know it was this bad. I will replace.

Kristy prim 2.jpg
My wife and I have shared many memories with this car. We met in this car. We went to our first doc appt when we were pregnant w our daughter (now in college), times sitting on the side of the road when waiting for help when it quit on us. I was working on this car when she told me we were expecting our second child. The list goes on and on.....Now includes that she helped paint it!

Kaden priming.jpg
My son taking his turn shooting some primer.

Plan is start working on brackets for rear suspension this week....if my time allows.

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mg rr qtr damage.jpg

Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
(4578 posts)

10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Monte Padgett-78 MGB 302 V8 w AOD trans
Posted by: Moderator
Date: April 03, 2020 05:04PM


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