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Steve Chovan
Green Bay, WI
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01/02/2021 06:55PM

Main British Car:
1970 BGT Ford 302

Steve Chovanís 70 BGT
Posted by: 70BGT
Date: January 09, 2021 07:14PM

Well guys I may as well kick this off. The car is home, warming up in its new stall. Iím very excited to start this. Iíve loved these things for a long time and getting the opportunity is awesome. It seems to be quite solid. Weíll see when itís opened up, right. Outside rockers, sill membrane, and 3 doglegs are what appear to be bad. When we loaded it the cross members sure seemed to be really solid. I do have a question about the inside rear fender. Can that surface rust be cleaned out in there? I think I can replace the lower outer wheel wells with homemade repair panels. I really hate to cut out that rear fender to clean up the inner section.

Cut out the floors and rockers, inner membranes also decided to make my own partial castle rails. Ordered new sheet metal from the UK. Should be able to start putting in new metal this weekend.

3/1/21. Castle rail is in, I got a hair brain idea to try and stiffen the main frame channels. May never know if it worked but it was open so why not. My first rust patch is done and started templating fro floors.

6/27/21. The floors are in and I have been working on the passenger side. Sills, rear dogleg, front kick panel, and front repair panel for the wing.
When I started on the sills they were about 3/8Ē too wide and 5/8Ē too long. Cut those down and they fit great. The rear dogleg fit pretty well. I also did a rust repair behind the trumpet support and the support itself is new. That was a fun job shaping new metal for the inner fender well. Some compound curves there.

The front repair panel is short, man where does it end with crap panels? Anyway itís .0685 off, really? So I cut a strip of 18ga and welded that in. I have to sand it down and put the wing back on to finish the weld on the patch.




The half castle rail I made. 16ga
Templating for new floors. One sheet of 18ga I'm pretty sure I can get all 3 floor panels cut out.
My first patch panel. I thought it came out nice.
The sill too wide. Sliced off the welding flange to cut the whole panel down. Hind sight I should have flattened out the flange and rebent it then trim the excess. Next one.
Sill and dogleg ended up coming out nice. I tweeted the door seam so it flowed a little nicer. This car had great door gaps so Iím really trying to keep that going.
New pans with new bead roller. That was fun. Bent the flanges and did the beading.
Rust cut out behind trumpet

New patch that went in. Only 15hrs of work here using sand bag and dollies to form
The bump out. Also ran a welding flange on the bead roller
The new support. I put seam seal on it right away. Idk why I donít like to back track.
Working on the front repair. Ended up short on the door seam so filled in a thin strip. The whee
well came out great as did the fitting after I flattened out the bottom edge on the sill and re-bent that too.
New rear boot floor. It had to be totally redone. I wasn't really looking forward to it but turned out pretty easy. I raised it up a couple inches to fit a larger tank underneath. I think I can get 20-21 gal in. That will be aluminum.

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Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
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10/12/2007 02:16AM

Main British Car:
71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Steve Chovanís 70 BGT
Posted by: Moderator
Date: March 10, 2022 03:10AM


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