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Alan P
Northern California
(16 posts)

05/26/2014 10:43PM

Main British Car:
1965 Jaguar 3.8S LS V8 5.3 liter aluminum block/heads

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Jaguar 3.8s Refresh after 225,000 + miles
Posted by: primaz
Date: October 05, 2022 11:17PM

This Jaguar has been driven daily rain or shine and with over 225,000 miles on an engine that was a mild low cost engine, I opted to do a refresh on the car and put a bit more focus on the engine and do a better job on the paint. It did not go as smooth as I hoped as we had a valve drop out after the new rebuild, which L & R Engines repaired under warranty. I think the aftermath of COVID and the millennials caused a lot of the issues that extended the refresh plan from 3 months to less than a year but way longer than planned.

The original LS1 aluminum block truck engine now has: forged steel crank, CNC ported heads, Scat H- beam rods, forged flat top pistons 10.5 to 1 compression, stage 2/3 Comp cam w/ Brian Tooley Dual Valve Springs, 9-Keyway single roller timing set with Torington bearing, ARP head/main studs, Fel-Pro gaskets & seals, Melling performance oil pump, rocker arm upgrade with bushing, roller rockers, Stage 2 Head Porting, Hard push rods, ARP cam bolts with new cam thrust plate, King performance bearings, Rotating assembly balanced, block machined, 3 angle valve job heads, assemble L/B, Fast 92 intake, and Drive Junkey serpentine kit.

The rear end was rebuilt, new exhaust pipes with V-bends, and the body was striped down and completely repainted the same color along with POR15 the chassis again.

The engine is supposed to put down about 500 HP and it definitely has much more power! I am pretty happy with it and am back to daily driving her again...
doors off blocked.jpg
profile masked.jpg
front end fina; prime.jpg
profile 2 with color.jpg
hanging doors.jpg
2nd V band.jpg
new engine after warranty 2.jpg
new engine after warranty.jpg
new altenator.jpg
driver side profile paint done.jpg
rear view 2 paint done_LI.jpg

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