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Jeff Smith

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02/10/2022 01:48PM

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MGA 3.9 rover V8 conversion
Posted by: js57
Date: February 10, 2022 03:54PM

Can someone help me out I'm looking to install a Rover V8 into a 57 MGA .This is my first sports car but I have been rebuilding cars for A long time. I know I have to change mounts both motor and tranny. But not sure if I have to modify the firewall they radiator support that sort of thing. I read about the MGB Front shocks and I do have a donner MGB for parts. I just cant seem to find any information on the builds that people that have done the conversion just pics. any help would be appreciated. And I already have the rover V8.

Jim Blackwood
9406 Gunpowder Rd., Florence, KY 41042
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10/23/2007 12:59PM

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1971 MGB Blown,Injected,Intercooled Buick 340/AA80E/JagIRS

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Re: MGA 3.9 rover V8 conversion
Posted by: BlownMGB-V8
Date: February 10, 2022 04:03PM

There are a couple of Buick 215 conversions in the photo gallery that could help you, also a V6 Buick that could be some help. Those have a list of mods that could help.


Rick Ingram
Central Illinois
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10/17/2007 09:36PM

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1974.5 MGB/GT 3.9l Rover

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Re: MGA 3.9 rover V8 conversion
Posted by: mowog1
Date: February 10, 2022 09:46PM

John Mangles could assist here. He did a 215 conversion on his MGA as did John Hubbard and Lyle Jacobson.




Carl Floyd
Kingsport, TN
(4284 posts)

10/23/2007 11:32PM

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1979 MGB Buick 215

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Re: MGA 3.9 rover V8 conversion
Posted by: MGBV8
Date: February 16, 2022 07:03PM

I would not do it if you have good, solid car. Gotta hack it up pretty good to fit.

bill spohn

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10/23/2007 09:14AM

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Re: MGA 3.9 rover V8 conversion
Posted by: wspohn
Date: March 11, 2022 12:21PM

It can certainly be done but it is quite a bit more work than a V6 is. You should consider the V6 route (which I have done) and if your power goals aren't particularly high (mine is c. 200 bhp, maybe 20 bhp more than a stock Rover 3.9) it would save you money and work.

See [] and [] for pics and some write up on the conversion process.

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