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engine swaps and other performance upgrades, plus "factory" and Costello V8s

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Ivor Duarte
Gloucestershire UK
(1001 posts)

02/11/2010 04:29AM

Main British Car:
1974 Land Rover Lightweight V8

Midget + Lexus + BMW 5-speed
Posted by: 88v8
Date: May 17, 2022 04:44AM

Amazingly packaged into this not-so-stealthy street-legal 1971 Midget is a Lexus V8, driving a narrowed Range Rover rear axle through a BMW 5-speed.
As if the Lexus were not enough, there's a Borg Warner T4 turbo charger.

MG Lexus.jpg

A very European build, and really quite impractical over here in the rainy UK with no roof, but an interesting example of what can (nearly) be crammed under the Midget bonnet.

MG Lexus 1.jpg

If you hanker for a pocket rocket of a ride, yours for 18,000 / $23,000 + shipping.
Just needs a weekend's work to swap the steering over.

MG Lexus 2.jpg



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Carl Floyd
Kingsport, TN
(4319 posts)

10/23/2007 11:32PM

Main British Car:
1979 MGB Buick 215

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Re: Midget + Lexus + BMW 5-speed
Posted by: MGBV8
Date: May 17, 2022 09:21AM

Or, mostly under the bonnet. ;)

Jim Blackwood
9406 Gunpowder Rd., Florence, KY 41042
(6261 posts)

10/23/2007 12:59PM

Main British Car:
1971 MGB Blown,Injected,Intercooled Buick 340/AA80E/JagIRS

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Re: Midget + Lexus + BMW 5-speed
Posted by: BlownMGB-V8
Date: May 17, 2022 10:47AM

Has a radiator I hope.

Jim Stabe
Jim Stabe
San Diego, Ca
(818 posts)

02/28/2009 10:01AM

Main British Car:
1966 MGB Roadster 350 LT1 Chevy

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Re: Midget + Lexus + BMW 5-speed
Posted by: Jim Stabe
Date: May 17, 2022 11:08AM

Threading a steering shaft through the left side of the engine compartment doesn't look like a weekend job to me.

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