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engine swaps and other performance upgrades, plus "factory" V8s (Stag and TR8)

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Ivan Ingram
(13 posts)

04/17/2011 02:43PM

Main British Car:
1963 Triumph Spitfire 2.3l ford I4 hopefully

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Turbine powered spitfire (not mine)
Posted by: Ivan
Date: March 28, 2013 07:43PM

I found this wildly impractical and totally delighful build log today. A student team is installing a helicopter engine into a Spitfire.


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Ivor Duarte
Gloucestershire UK
(690 posts)

02/11/2010 04:29AM

Main British Car:
1974 Land Rover Lightweight V8

Re: Turbine powered spitfire (not mine)
Posted by: 88v8
Date: March 29, 2013 03:35AM

Fantastic. A while ago I saw, ummm, was it a Porker, with a helicopter engine. It drove, it was in use. All quite bonkers.


Art Gertz
Winchester, CA.
(2992 posts)

04/24/2009 11:02AM

Main British Car:
74' Jensen Healy, 79 Huff. GT 1, 74 MGB Lotus 907,2L

Re: Turbine powered spitfire (not mine)
Posted by: roverman
Date: April 01, 2013 12:34PM

Is nothing sacred ?? Did they even consider what will happen to the "Resale Value". Is "this thing" ok, just because Rover experimented with turbines ?? Will it became a "Porker" ? How do I get to drive it ? Is it for Leno ?? Redline is ? Also, thank you for this "up-lifting" story. roverman.

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