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Richard Brengman
No. Nevada
(351 posts)

01/17/2014 07:47PM

Main British Car:
1969 Triumph GT6+ 225" Buick V6

Wire wheel hubs to make pin-drive?
Posted by: Richard/SIA
Date: October 17, 2016 04:21AM

I want my wheels to work on both ends of the car despite mismatch Triumph/Alfa Romeo stud patterns.

Thought about re-drilling the front TR hubs, or making custom front stub-shafts to take matching PCD Alfa front hubs.

Then it occurred to me that pin-drive should take care of it.
Looked at price and availability, seems it's ALL for Cobra replicas and EXPENSIVE!

So, lots of used wire wheel hubs around with bad splines but good threads.
Seems I should be able to re-drill a set to work with the PCD that is wrong and use as-is for the PCD that is correct.
Ignore the splines and put drive pins through the hubs matching at both ends.
Use the wire wheel knock-on nut = Win!?

Anyone done this before?
Am I missing something?
Anyone have some old worn TR3/4/6 wire wheel hubs I can use to experiment? :D
Sunbeam Alpine might work too.
Pretty sure Midget are too small and may be integral to the hub rather than bolted on.

Might have to make a steel insert for the wheel side but I do have a CNC lathe.

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