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engine swaps and other performance upgrades, plus "factory" V8s (Stag and TR8)

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Addison Cobb

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10/14/2020 03:02PM

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2.0 Duratec and Type - 9 Swap Into a Spitfire 1500 Questions.
Posted by: adamcobb16
Date: October 14, 2020 10:41PM


I'm new to the community and trying to conduct my research but it seems like the more digging I do, the more questions I end up with. I've decided to purchase a 74 Spitfire 1500, however I want to modernize the internals. I've decided to make the swap to the 2.0l Duratec for the aluminum block's lightweight, and 150ish HP count. I want to pair this to a Type 9 (T9, Type N) transmission as they're also lightweight and sturdy for the purpose. I want to purchase the transmission conversion kit provided by Frontline Developments, but have a couple questions.

I that the Frontline kit requires the purchaser to use the same bell housing from the original engine and transmission with an adapter plate installed. Also presumably this means that the clutch, pressure plate, and spigot bush will be incompatible if I want to use the Ford 2.0 Duratec instead of the triumph engine. AM I wrong in my presumptions, is there any small chance that any other parts (bell housing clutch plates, spigot bush, pressure plate) will be able to fit on the 2.0 Duratec engine?

If I am SOL and need to replace the bell housing, clutch, pressure plates, and everything over to the ford duratec spec, will I also have to replace the hydraulic cylinder, or is there a chance the hydraulic cylinder will bolt on? If I do need to replace the hydraulic cylinders, will the ford ones attach find, or should I consider purchasing an entirely new clutch release assembly.

The other question I have is related to the duratec, I was wondering if the stock differential triumph put on the car will hold up to 166 HP and 150 LBS/FT of torque. I also understand I will likely need to purchase a megaquirt to manage the timing but I have a few more questions about the electronics.

If I swap the the direct injection duratec, and use a megasquirt ECU, what components will I need to keep or will I need to purchase. Im referring to information dials, (tachometer, speedometer, engine temp), Ignition and timing components (ignition switch and distributor cap). What is the setup like for a mega quirt, and is it a matter of plug and play, or removing, refitting, and measuring components will it all works in harmony? I understand cooling will also be touch and go, as I will need to measure and modify accordingly to make sure the engine is running in operating temps.

Are there any must buy parts for this kind of swap? I understand both engine and transmission will require custom mountings, I plan on using the transmission mountings provided in the Frontline kit, and using the mountings from a Ford Focus for the engine, and fabricating the mounts onto the frame.

I've also heard quite a bit about fitting the engine behind the front cross member but I'm not entire sure what the benefit is besides spacing, and weight balance, if anyone could inform me as to what the deal is with the engine placed to the rear of hte frontal cross member, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for any help or opinions you provide, I'll keep everyone updated once I get going with the swap.

Greg Hilliard

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07/13/2021 01:13PM

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Re: 2.0 Duratec and Type - 9 Swap Into a Spitfire 1500 Questions.
Posted by: GWZipper
Date: July 13, 2021 01:20PM

Thinking of doing something similar with the duratec 2.5L, MX-5 trans. I've got a 74 (driver) and a 67 (in pieces, getting the engine swap). Commenting to get notifications on this thread, in order to glean whatever wisdom I can.

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