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Mark Warner

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11/21/2011 05:04PM

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Cowl Induction for Turbo Rotary Bugeye
Posted by: bugeyebug
Date: November 21, 2011 05:27PM

I'm brand new to this forum. It's great to find other crazy British car engine swappers!

I'm (re)building my 1959 Bugeye. I've swapped in a second-gen Mazda 13B rotary engine. The engine is turbocharged, and i just finished mounting the intercooler, which is a top-mount unit located at the rear of the engine bay.

Due to the intake manifold and alternator sticking up so high, I will have to build a small hood bump or scoop. Because the intercooler is top-mounted, I figure I can use this to source outside air to draw through it. Also, because the intercooler is near the rear of the engine bay, I've been thinking about a cowl induction-type scoop.

Question: has anyone on this list done something like this before? Or know of someone who has?

I'm (hopefully) attaching a photo of the engine bay to this post...

Mark in Tucson
engine bay 01.jpg

david bash
st. charles
(215 posts)

01/28/2008 10:53AM

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Re: Cowl Induction for Turbo Rotary Bugeye
Posted by: crashbash
Date: November 23, 2011 05:46PM

Hey Mark
How 'bout a z-28 type bump, opening at low pressure area right in front of windshield. Not as obvious as some.

Art Gertz
Winchester, CA.
(3046 posts)

04/24/2009 11:02AM

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74' Jensen Healy, 79 Huff. GT 1, 74 MGB Lotus 907,2L

Re: Cowl Induction for Turbo Rotary Bugeye
Posted by: roverman
Date: November 23, 2011 07:10PM

Mark, as "Socorob" recently suggested in the body section,"autospeed.com" is loaded with sound aero suggestions, like buying a used Magnehelic brand, pressure differential gage,(1"+/- of water) suitable for aero body developement.This way you'll know the best place(higher pressure), to mount that air inlet. Good Luck, roverman.

rampant racing
gary fraser
sarnia ont,canada
(83 posts)

03/28/2009 02:45AM

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69 spitfiremk111 ford 347 stroker

Re: Cowl Induction for Turbo Rotary Bugeye
Posted by: rampant racing
Date: January 09, 2012 11:22PM

personally i would use a scoop like on a subaru and ram the air through it.an intercooler is not an engine that has a vacuum inside to help the airflow.a front open type of scoop is the only way to go.my 2008 mustang is intercooled with a fmic and i see a big difference just removing the front lisence plate to aid the airflow.

Bugeye RX
Dave Bergheimer

(47 posts)

05/16/2010 07:04PM

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Re: Cowl Induction for Turbo Rotary Bugeye
Posted by: Bugeye RX
Date: January 31, 2012 07:04PM

I like your rad! Heres my NA 13B. You need a project page so we can follow along. I channeled the frame rails so the engine sits between the rails and therefore lower than the standard cradle mount set-up. This provided about 1-1/2" clearance to the hood. Maybe a cold air ram setup using the original heater induction hose port behind the grill could be used to get air to the intercooler. Remember the air slug under the hood gets reaaly hot when using a rotory. My headers get red hot and I have went to great lengths and expense to keep heat from entering the cock pit. Good luck and cool project.
cool'n III006.JPG

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