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mods & upgrades for Healey (Nash, Austin, or Jensen) cars, including engine swaps

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Rick Neville

(474 posts)

12/19/2007 05:01PM

Main British Car:
1963 Austin-Healey 3000 Ford 5.0L

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Big Daddy's Bugeye
Posted by: HealeyRick
Date: June 21, 2009 03:03PM

I've been into Healeys since 1967 when I bought my first Bugeye from my cousin. Always have had the urge to hot rod them, though. In addition to the "Exploder" [forum.britishv8.org] ( still not sure about that name, may want to change it to"Fauxbra"), I have a fully restored Bugeye done up with all the mods that were available in the Special Tuning Manual http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j222/healeyrick/Stapleton-14.jpg (woo hoo! 55 bhp!) But I always dreamed of a big V8 in a Sprite, even though I know it would handle like a turd. Like a lot of us at the time, I think I fell under the spell of Big Daddy Ed Roth, who was just too cool for school. He probably made more money selling air-brushed t-shirts, Ratfink stuff and Maltese crosses to us pimply faced high schoolers than he ever made with his automotive creations. Here's one of my favorites:


Greg Stasko

(33 posts)

10/23/2008 12:08AM

Main British Car:

Re: Big Daddy's Bugeye
Posted by: getagripgreg
Date: July 02, 2009 12:40AM

Awesome! I wonder how hard it would be to get one of this stickers....

(I can do without the 6-71 huffer though)


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