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Alan Grimes

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02/20/2010 12:15PM

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Re: BOPR oil filter bases
Posted by: bigaldart
Date: August 16, 2022 02:50PM

Has anyone compared the oil pump gears from a 455 with the later Rover (SD1) gears for height. I know a Rover pump cover fits a 455 so I am thinking the gears will be the same diameter. I also know the 455 has much bigger oil passages in the pump cover. A friend fitted a Rover cover to a 455 and wiped out the bearings as soon as he fired it. Should have realised when he could generate pressure just using a speed brace. Considering using the bigger gears with a spacer similar to the old pump improvement kit which used the SD1 gears in an early housing.

Any help much appreciated.


Jim Blackwood
9406 Gunpowder Rd., Florence, KY 41042
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10/23/2007 12:59PM

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1971 MGB Blown,Injected,Intercooled Buick 340/AA80E/JagIRS

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Re: BOPR oil filter bases
Posted by: BlownMGB-V8
Date: August 17, 2022 10:37AM

Unfamiliar territory but I expect it has been looked at, maybe by someone on V8Buick. Might possibly be some advantage.

However, there is no need to enlarge the gears such as with longer ones and it's now seen as a bad idea. Learn the preferred oiling mods and do those instead. Start with holding the bearing tolerances to the .0008" to .0012" range. Do that and with 10w30 oil you should be seeing oil pressures in the 50-80psi range at cruise.


Carl Floyd
Kingsport, TN
(4467 posts)

10/23/2007 11:32PM

Main British Car:
1979 MGB Buick 215

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Re: BOPR oil filter bases
Posted by: MGBV8
Date: August 17, 2022 02:08PM

My understanding is the size from shortest to longest is Buick/Olds 215 & 1967-1975 Rover V8 (.875"), 1976 Rover SD1 V8 & newer and Buick 300, 340, 350 (1.045"), then Buick 455 (stock) & 350 high volume gears.

Like Jim said, no need to go any bigger than those SD1 oil pump gears. I have the smaller Buick 215 gears & my engine has been pushed hard for 21 years. :)

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