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Art Gertz
Winchester, CA.
(3050 posts)

04/24/2009 11:02AM

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Re: Rover Block Crack
Posted by: roverman
Date: July 22, 2016 05:30PM

Clan, threads in block are 14 threads per inch. Threads on nut end, are 20 threads per inch. Let's do the math, 20 divided by 14 = 1.42857. In other words, if one were to torque the studs 100 ft/lbs., it would be equal to torqueing the standard 7/16-14 bolt to 143 lbs ! A lot of oem iron blocks would crack ! Doug, can you put a straight edge, on the deck, over the crack, and send us a picture ?

Doug DeLong

(25 posts)

02/06/2011 08:34AM

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Re: Rover Block Crack
Posted by: ddelong1
Date: July 23, 2016 10:52AM

Thanks for all the input here guys, great discussion. I'm still talking with ARP about the issue. I'll shoot some more photos of the block today and check it with a straight edge.

Can someone do me a favor and send me dimensions of a stock head bolt (overall and thread length)? Thanks!

Fred Key
West coast - Canada
(1266 posts)

05/14/2010 03:06AM

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Re: Rover Block Crack
Posted by: DiDueColpi
Date: July 25, 2016 03:11PM

The stock torque to yield bolts are 7/16th" x 14 TPI.
They come in two lengths 3.770" and 2.600" with threaded portions at 3.00" and 1.750" respectively.

john gerding

(21 posts)

06/14/2017 09:33PM

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Re: Rover Block Crack
Posted by: jaygerding
Date: February 03, 2019 01:40PM

I know this thread goes back a couple of years, but I was wondering what the final outcome of it was?
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