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Gary Magno

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08/01/2019 12:11PM

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What engine problem is this pleaese?
Posted by: garymagno110
Date: August 01, 2019 12:19PM

Hi all,

I'm having problems with my 2000 honda civic vti manual lately. It overheated last september so i had the cylinder head gasket replaced. Then after 2 months it overheated again, so the cylinder head gasket was replaced again and the head cylinder was resurfaced by a machine shop.
i noticed however that i needed to add water to the radiator every morning, so i had the radiator overhauled and the hoses checked. Still the same problem and then i noticed whitish/brownish color in the oil dipstick. Actually I tried to search for answers through online contents. But I can't find one.

The mechanic then tightened the cylinder head bolts from 65 t0 75 torque and changed the oil and filter. I still see traces of whitish color in the dipstick but not as much as before.
Although the temp remains at half or normal, i still need to add water everyday (about the amount of a small bottle of mineral water).
What can be the real problem? I need all the professional advice you can give. Thanks.

Jim Nichols
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02/29/2008 08:29PM

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1973 MGB roadster 260 Ford V8

Re: What engine problem is this pleaese?
Posted by: mgb260
Date: August 01, 2019 04:36PM

You may have a cracked block or head from the over heating.

Ivor Duarte
Gloucestershire UK
(667 posts)

02/11/2010 04:29AM

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1974 Land Rover Lightweight V8

Re: What engine problem is this please?
Posted by: 88v8
Date: August 02, 2019 04:14AM

If it's cracked, you're in for a big bill.
Can you get this stuff over there in the US ?

I can vouch for its long-term effectiveness from personal experience, it may save you a new engine.


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