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Dave R
Northern Virginia
(129 posts)

04/07/2016 08:29PM

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1979 MGB 4.6L Rover V8

FiTech EDIS setup?
Posted by: RDMG
Date: December 20, 2019 11:56AM

Anybody out there have some electronics experience?

I suspect thereís a simple solution to connecting FiTech EFI to an EDIS ignition controller, but I donít know what I donít know.

FiTech EFI systems can control ignition if they are coupled with a compatible ď2 wireĒ distributor, such as MSD and DuraSpark. Those distributors send a simple signal to the FiTech computer that indicates cam position, and receive a simple signal from the FiTech controller. I assume the distributors contain a hall-effect sensor similar to what EDIS uses, but Iím not sure.

I found this quote on a vintage mustang forum about using FiTech to control a Ford EDIS8 trigger wheel ignition setup:

ďneither the FITech or the Sniper are configured to produce a PIP/SAW signal that the EDIS system can use. It does have a two wire output and it seems like a simple firmware upgrade could enable this, but for now I'll be keeping the megajolt to control timing.Ē


Hereís a great overview of the EDIS system, and the PIP/SAW signal details between the EDIS controller and an EFI computer:


It seems that two wires between the FiTech and the EDIS is all it would take, but I donít know if the MSD/DuraSpark signal inputs are comparable to EDIS signals, or if the FiTech signal outputs are comparable to MegaSquirt signals, or if it might be easy to translate the signals using some simple hardware wired in between.

I know MegaJolt is one answer, but Iím wondering if something simpler would work?

Mike Stemp
Calgary, Canada
(204 posts)

11/25/2009 07:18AM

Main British Car:
1980 MGB Rover 4.6L

Re: FiTech EDIS setup?
Posted by: mstemp
Date: December 22, 2019 09:02AM

Someone on here stated that FiTech does not and would not support EDIS.
I looked at it and found the same info you linked to. I fear it wonít do what you ask even if it looks like only two wires. Wonít even work with most other peopleís programable distributors.

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Graham Creswick
Chatham, Ontario, Canada
(1095 posts)

10/25/2007 11:17AM

Main British Car:
1976 MGB Ford 302

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Re: FiTech EDIS setup?
Posted by: ex-tyke
Date: December 22, 2019 09:10AM

If you have the patience, call the Fitech hotline - they have some pretty knowledgeable folks there.

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