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dave cox

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04/30/2018 03:00PM

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optimal advance curve for 3.9
Posted by: turbodave
Date: March 19, 2022 03:21PM

Decided to run a Stock 1995 LandRover 3.9 discovery engine. 9.35:1 for the first year in my racecar. Will put the hotter engines in next year after working out all the other bugs on the stock engine.

I was just going to run the stock dizzy and advance, but I have a computer going in so may as well use that for the sparks, as I've heard many times the stock engine needs a lot more advance from low down.

So what is an ideal advance curve in 1000rpm increments for WOT? And what do advance do you think these can pull at 2500-3000 rpm light throttle on the cruise (I'll be using the ECU not the vacuum can on the dizzy for the advance).

I'll be hopefully getting it on a dyno, but the closer i can get it, the better. And if I'm short on time, I'll be running the first race without a dyno session.

92 octane fuel.

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