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Carl Floyd
Kingsport, TN
(4121 posts)

10/23/2007 11:32PM

Main British Car:
1979 MGB, Buick 215

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Posted by: MGBV8
Date: May 25, 2014 10:20AM

Great info.


Tom Ahlstrom
(129 posts)

12/16/2012 03:16PM

Main British Car:
Triumph TR-6 347 Ford

Re: Downforce
Posted by: tomsbad6
Date: May 25, 2014 11:51AM

Getting the right airflow over under and around the car can be difficult my car since wrecking the front last summer is just not the same car it used to be the faster you went the better the car felt very comfortable since changing the front of my car simply a different bumper that sets lower and sticks out farther anything over 155 or 160 miles an hour the car is very loose. Most guys all want dino time to tune their car I could care less about dino time I know how to make horsepower but aerodynamics and keeping the car looking original is very tricky I would love to find a place where I could get wind tunnel time the use of a wind tunnel would be 10 times more beneficial than a dino any day of the week I have 1 million thoughts in my head on what I need to do to fix my problem but without a wind tunnel it's all very expensive and time-consuming trial and error Also I might add running with no bumper makes it worse and running a air damn under the nose made no change clearly the shape of the nose overall is the most critical just this weekend I started working on a custom front bumper that will be shortened narrowed and Tucked tighter to the car
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Art Gertz
Winchester, CA.
(3150 posts)

04/24/2009 11:02AM

Main British Car:
74' Jensen Healy, 79 Huff. GT 1, 74 MGB Lotus 907,2L

Re: Downforce
Posted by: roverman
Date: June 20, 2014 11:55AM

Tom, can you strap-tow the car ? I would use a manometer to define the hi/low pressure areas. With all that grille opening, I suspect faily high build-up pressure under the hood/floor ? Got a side pic of car attitude, at the finish light ? Does the windshield unbolt ? Would louvers be ok ? Good Luck, roverman.

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