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Mark Cooley

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06/22/2008 08:02AM

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Four point rear suspension
Posted by: coolmg
Date: May 07, 2009 07:15AM

I am interested in installing a four point rear coil over suspension, and have seen the article where a Classic Conversions (Bill Guzman) unit was installed. The installation looks straight forward but has anyone had the experience of driving a B with this unit? How does it drive, handling, and ride, did the results warrant the expense, and are you happy? Or would I be better off utilizing a pan hard rod and traction bars with the leaf springs? Thanks Mark

Graham Creswick
Chatham, Ontario, Canada
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10/25/2007 11:17AM

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1976 MGB Ford 302

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Re: Four point rear suspension
Posted by: ex-tyke
Date: May 07, 2009 04:23PM

Having run the CCE 4-link for a few weeks now I can give an enthusiastic thumbs up to the product.
My old suspension consisted of 1" lowered leaf springs and a set of Monroe tube shocks attached to a Ford 8.8 solid axle. Along with the rear suspension switch, the front 7/8" sway bar was replaced by a 3/4" and the std rear sway bar was eliminated. Existing ride height was retained.
Normal driving comfort is at least equivalent to the old suspension.....controlled and compliant ( I am not going to say that it floats over roads like a Lincoln - after all it is a light short wheelbase vehicle).
The 4-link really soaks up large bumps vs the old suspension which could hit the bumpstops and drive up the whole vehicle and creating tire rub on the left rear tire with the outer fender. I have not felt the 4-link hit the stops at any time and there has been no audible tire contact.
Where the CCE suspension really shines is in reducing axle tramp under full power takeoff or powering out of a corner - there is noticeable weight transfer to the rear and tires really do hookup better. I've also noticed reduced understeer with the sway bar changes and with the 4-link.
This post was not intended to be a testimonial but my overall assessment of this rear suspension change is a positive one - well worth the expense and the effort. It will be interesting and beneficial to hear from others who have made this modification.

Tom Lay
Grayslake, IL
(93 posts)

05/13/2008 09:53PM

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72 mg b gt

Re: Four point rear suspension
Posted by: t.lay
Date: May 13, 2009 10:58PM

I'm working on a GRM challenge mgb meaning I have to be viciously cheap ($2009 budget) - studied Bill's design and hung out at a chassis/race shop (shop owner built the suspension for the prototype Gurney Eagle) a few days and built my own 4-link for a ford 8". It isn't on the road yet, but for the time and effort, Bill's kit is vastly easier - all bolt-in except for 2 tabs that get welded to the axle tubes. His geometry is good. If I weren't constrained on cost, the CCE kit is the easy way to go for a triangulated 4-link. Just a decent rear coilover kit can cost $500 not to mention the shock mounts, chassis mounts, link arms and radius rod mounts. If your tire clearance is tight, a panhard rod set up will still have a little more lateral movement than a well-designed 4-link. That's my 2 cents.

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