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67 Tiger
Frank Mandell

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06/05/2009 08:16AM

Main British Car:

Which brakes?
Posted by: 67 Tiger
Date: July 20, 2009 06:26PM

So, I'm going to upgrade the brakes on my Tiger. I have seen some upgrades for other English cars, I figure a Tiger should be the same as any other old English Auto. I've read about Toyota 4x4, Volvo 240's and some from a Rover, I would like to stay with Girling, but the conversion that is the simplist will win. I know there are Wilwood, and other hi-tech, hi dollar conversions out there, but Im looking for a more modest set-up. Does anybody have experence with the Toyotas, or Volvo's calipers?

Brian Campbell

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09/03/2009 12:42AM

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Re: Which brakes?
Posted by: Thaikick
Date: September 03, 2009 12:53AM

I know the volvo are 4 piston and will require some work as they have 2 hydraulic lines, but they are relatively cheap to get from a junk yard(if you can find them). just fabricating a bracket may be your challenge. I have been considering volvo brakes on my alpine to tiger conversion, but have not reached that stage of the project yet. good luck

Jerry Porsch
Las Cruces, New Mexico
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10/23/2007 08:40AM

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1966 Sunbeam Ford 380 ci with twin turbo's

Re: Which brakes?
Posted by: fasttiger
Date: September 25, 2009 01:47PM

I went with Areo Space on the front of my Tiger took some work, but I was lucky i had the use of my sponsers machine shop to bore out the hubs to fit the bearings and also I had to make my own brackets. They work great, but took some work to get them on.
I also did the rear with disk that come from a must. but then again took some machining and had to make my own brackets.
I don't know of any just simple ways to redo brakes on a Tiger.

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