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Robert Edgeworth

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02/19/2008 08:27AM

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Backspacing question?
Posted by: RobertE
Date: September 19, 2009 07:33PM

I'm wondering what the correct backspacing would be for a 15x7 wheel?

I've seen people fit 15x7 under the stock body work and I'm hoping I can get by without rolling the fenders.

Thanks once again!

Edit: It might help to include what type of car it is. 79 mgb

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Graham Creswick
Chatham, Ontario, Canada
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10/25/2007 11:17AM

Main British Car:
1976 MGB Ford 302

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Re: Backspacing question?
Posted by: ex-tyke
Date: September 21, 2009 08:38AM

Keep the same offset as the stock MGB wheel (22mm)
The real issue is the width of the axle that you are using (if non-std MGB) and if using the std B axle then you have to cope with the documented issue of axle bias to the left side of the vehicle (about 3/8'). Given a perfectly centred MG width axle and 22mm offset wheels you should be able to use a 215 width tire with no interference.
Just as a bit of history on my conversion (Panasport 15x7 w/ 22mm offset, 225/50-15 tires, Ford axle made to MGB width, and with spring mounts welded 3/16" offset (to compensate for the afforementioned axle bias), With this combination, I still had to remove most of the flange on both wheel archs and also provided additional clearance by a subtle rework to the contour of the fender and by slightly flattening the right side bump stop. In retrospect, I should have gone a little further with the spring mount weld location as the left outer tire still rubs but not the right tire.

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