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Paul Waters

(13 posts)

10/24/2007 03:12PM

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Omni Flares
Posted by: 1MGBV8
Date: January 22, 2008 12:53AM

I've read several times about people using Omni flares on their wheel wells. Does any one have a source for these? Are they steel or plastic? How difficult are they to put on an MGB?

Rob Ficalora
Willis, TX
(2648 posts)

10/24/2007 02:46PM

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'76 MGB w/CB front, Sebring rear, early metal dash Ford 302

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Re: Omni Flares
Posted by: rficalora
Date: January 22, 2008 07:08AM

They're steel & can be cut off the front &/or rear fenders of a Dodge Omni or Plymouth Horizon. Front is easier because the rear has the wheel well of the Omni integrated in & has to be seperated. Only source I know of is junk yards & eBay. On eBay I was able to get a set by doing a search on Omni & Horizon parts & then sending a message to anyone who appeared to be parting one out asking if they still had the body tub.

Can't answer the hard or easy. Way harder than attaching fiberglass, but not overly difficult for a body man. Rear is the hardest as you have to tie in the MG's wheel wells.


Curtis Jacobson
Portland Oregon
(4414 posts)

10/12/2007 02:16AM

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71 MGBGT, Buick 215

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Re: Omni Flares
Posted by: Moderator
Date: January 22, 2008 02:31PM

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see excellent photos of Omni flares being installed: []

I thought we were going to have an article explaining the installation of Omni flares in the current issue of the Newsletter... it hasn't arrived yet, but hopefully will be included in our Spring issue.

Dennis mcIntyre

(20 posts)

11/09/2007 10:02PM

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Re: Omni Flares
Posted by: Solarman
Date: January 23, 2008 06:30PM

I had started looking for them around here and no luck. I used 1984 sunbird gt turbo
here is what i have to date.Good luck in whatever you choose.
Foamfibbon 001.jpg

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