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Jerry LeMasters

(2 posts)

08/01/2008 11:09AM

Main British Car:

Posted by: 1320nut
Date: August 01, 2008 11:11AM

Looking for instructions and pictures of a dash conversion 1966/67 to a 1975 padded dash to steel any help??

V6 Midget
Bill Young
Kansas City, MO
(1337 posts)

10/23/2007 09:23AM

Main British Car:
'73 MG Midget V6 , '59 MGA I6 2.8 GM, 4.0 Jeep

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Re: Dash
Posted by: V6 Midget
Date: August 01, 2008 11:34AM

Jerry, you want to convert a late padded dash car to a steel dash? Ted did that on Dan Masters' GT and there were some pretty good photos of it on his website. Unfortunately I couldn't get in this morning, something about bandwidth. Here's the link to try later. []
The conversion has also been covered a bit on other boards, you might check out the archives for the MG Experience site or the MG Enthusiasts site. You'll probably find some photos as well as written information on the process. Seems like Rob Ficalora did the same on his car and had photos posted on this forum, check the MG as well as the body work forums back about 3 months.

Dan Masters
Alcoa, Tennessee
(577 posts)

10/28/2007 12:11AM

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1974 MGBGT Ford 302

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Re: Dash
Posted by: danmas
Date: August 01, 2008 11:41AM


I exceeded the allowable transfer rate for July, so I had to pull the page for a bit. It's back up now. []

Rob Ficalora
Willis, TX
(2686 posts)

10/24/2007 02:46PM

Main British Car:
'76 MGB w/CB front, Sebring rear, early metal dash Ford 302

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Re: Dash
Posted by: rficalora
Date: August 01, 2008 01:21PM

The easiest way is to get the cowl panel (or at least the inboard portion of it) from a metal dash car that's headed to a crusher. Watch ebay for MG parts & contact sellers of used parts to see if they're parting out a car & if so if they'd be willing to remove/cut out the area you need. I picked mine up for something like $25-40 including shipping if I recall. That's not a lot, but way more than the scrap value of the metal if the seller had taken it to the crusher. From there it's pretty easy -- just go really easy welding so you don't build up heat & warp the metal especailly by the defrost vents (DAMHIKT). Alternatively, you can make that panel, just be aware there's a bit of a compound curve. If you can't find the panel & don't want to make it, MOSS & others sell it, but it's not cheap. Lastly, note the GT panel will work just as well as the roadster panel. The area you need is the same on both (e.g., it's inboard of the windshield line on the GT panel).

Here's a pic of mine so you get the idea...
2007-04-07 Dash, Bumper, & Radiator Supports 004.jpg

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