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Tony Gentile
Waterford, Pa
(61 posts)

03/30/2016 02:43PM

Main British Car:
1974 MGB 347ci Bessel Motorsports/ Ford stroker 530 hp

Royal Coachman Dynaplastics Hard top
Posted by: exfed12825
Date: February 26, 2017 01:41PM

I bought a Royal Coachman Dynaplastics removable hardtop last year. I've been checking this top over for paint and installation, it looks to be vinyl covered but may have the grain molded in, is there anyone out there that knows anything about these tops ? I want to paint it to match the paint scheme on my MG, if the grain is actually molded in to the plastic I have no problem with just leaving it and painting over it. The other thing I need is new gaskets, I have been searching the net for replacement seals and have found that Royal Coachman went out of business years ago and haven't been able to find out a whole lot of information. I sure could use a little help on this before I start to tear into it and screw something up.

Don Bonar
Prairie Village, KS
(80 posts)

09/09/2011 10:06AM

Main British Car:
1971 MG-B 95 GM 3.4 V-6

Re: Royal Coachman Dynaplastics Hard top
Posted by: DonB
Date: March 24, 2017 05:19PM

Hi Tony,
I found a Bermuda Classic hardtop for my MGB... and all of the rubber seals were shot.

Front seal is standard MGB and easy

window seals again, were easy... right out of V/B or Moss... bought mine on EBay

6 months buying and trying anything close to seal between top and body... got a huge box of failures. Found a retired owner of high end upholstery shop who solved (for me) with suggestion I buy AUVECO part # 4746. It was a 50 ft roll but local supplier "broke a box" and sold me 15'. Think it was actually a door seal for a 1958 and newer Chrysler!

You might also check Steele Rubber and other major suppliers.

Good Hunting!

Don B.

Fred Key
West coast - Canada
(1273 posts)

05/14/2010 03:06AM

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What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?

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Re: Royal Coachman Dynaplastics Hard top
Posted by: DiDueColpi
Date: March 24, 2017 09:38PM

Give good old JC Whitney a try.
They carry a large selection of universal weather stripping. With side profiles and measurements.
I've used them on many occasions and the quality is good.
It always amazes me when I look through the catalogue (so does waking up every morning, but that's something else altogether)
My dad owned a good old fashioned hardware store when I was growing up.
Right down to the creaky worn wooden floors and the bell on the front door.
JC reminds me of that.( wiping away a small tear)
It's time for a scotchy scotch isn't it?

Live like you mean it

Werner Van Clapdurp
Lynchburg, Va
(95 posts)

09/06/2009 12:56PM

Main British Car:
MGB 1977 Rover 3.5

Re: Royal Coachman Dynaplastics Hard top
Posted by: WernerVC
Date: November 23, 2017 09:56PM

Hi tony,
Do you have a picture from that hard top? I think I have the same problem. Vinyl covered or grain imbedded. But I think it is vinyl covered. Need rubber gaskets too and the plexi for the sides.

Rob Ficalora
Willis, TX
(2710 posts)

10/24/2007 02:46PM

Main British Car:
'76 MGB w/CB front, Sebring rear, early metal dash Ford 302

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Re: Royal Coachman Dynaplastics Hard top
Posted by: rficalora
Date: November 24, 2017 12:33PM

They were not vinyl covered. The grain is moulded in anf the black surface is gelcoat. It's not hard to sand smooth but the fiberglass has tons of pin head sized air bubbles so you have to fill those before painting. I have mine sanded and ready to paint - just need the time to actually spray it!

Also, check the fasteners where the front clips and side hold downs are. They were steel screws that go into captive nuts in som eood that was formed into the top when made. On mine, that wood had rotted out so I ended up having to cut them out and fix. I replaced the wood with steel flat plate drilled and tapped so I don't have to worry about wood rot again.

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