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Peter Lindley
(2 posts)

05/23/2009 10:43PM

Main British Car:
1977 MGB Stock 4 banger(Soon to be 302)

Trunk Lid
Posted by: dragnz24
Date: May 23, 2009 10:55PM

Does anyone know if someone is making a fiberglass trunk lid or any suggestions on how i can repair the mounting surface where the hinge mates to the trunk lid?

Rob Ficalora
Willis, TX
(2701 posts)

10/24/2007 02:46PM

Main British Car:
'76 MGB w/CB front, Sebring rear, early metal dash Ford 302

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Re: Trunk Lid
Posted by: rficalora
Date: May 24, 2009 09:26AM

There may be some race application ones, but would think a fiberglass one would be even more likely to crack in that area. What it'd take to fix it depends a little on how bad it is. If the cracking is just on the underside bracing, you could weld it or have it welded. I've seen some done w/a plate welded across that area to make it more sturdy. If the crack extends to the top side, you'd have to repair that area too... again depends how bad, could be simply weld it up or possibly weld in a patch. A picture or two would help folks here provide more guidance.

Perhaps easier approach would be to find a good spare from a car being parted out.

Either way, consider getting a pair of telescoping props from Rick Ingram @ Pieces of Eight. You can get his contact info here... [] Using dual struts will keep it from cracking again.

Mike J
Lake Norman, NC
(2 posts)

07/09/2009 10:35AM

Main British Car:
MGB's and Spridgets 2.8 V6, 1800cc, 1380cc, 1275cc

Re: Trunk Lid
Posted by: 200mph
Date: July 09, 2009 11:09AM

Here's a source for fiberglas body parts:


As Rob pointed out, swapping yours for a good used lid would be my first choice. I'll see if we have any good ones left... most have extra holes from luggage racks.

Any year lid will work... AFAIK, the only differences are

(1) the seal (body mounted or lid mounted)
(2) the number and location of holes drilled for badging
(3) prop rod or telescoping strut mount

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