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Calvin Grannis
Elk Grove,CA
(1151 posts)

11/10/2007 10:05AM

Main British Car:
74 TR6 / 71 MGB GT TR6/Ls1 71 MGB GT/Ls1

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Vintage Auto Racing Association(Button Willow Raceway)
Posted by: 74ls1tr6
Date: January 29, 2008 12:41AM


I'm planning to attend the VARA and get some pictures Feb 9th and 10th 2008. This always gets me motivated to get my car done. If any one is in the area of Button Willow Raceway around these days PM me. It's a blast. Only 10 whole huge bucks a day or both days maybe.... not sure of that. The cars are listed below.

Its about a 3 hour drive for me but worth it.


Production (P) Classification Guideline list for cars through 1972
this list is effective 1/1/2004

Cobra 427

Cobra 289 with webers

Corvette “big block”

Corvette Gran SportShelby GT500

Corvette 327

Cobra 289

Shelby GT350

Jaguar XKE

Sunbeam Tiger

Alfa GTZ

Corvette up to 1962 with 327

Ginetta G4 1500cc pushrod

Lotus Elan 1558cc

Lotus S7 1600cc pushrod

Morgan Super Sport

Jaguar all except XKE

Porsche 911 2 liter

Porsche 904 2 liter

Datsun 240Z 2.4 liter

Porsche 914-6 Up to 2.4 liter

Porsche 911 2.4 liter

Alfa Spider up to 2 liter

Austin Healy Sprite up to 1381cc max

Corvette up to 1960 with 265/283

Elva Courier with B type eng

Fiat 124 spider up to 2 liters

Daimler V-8

Datsun 2000

Ginetta 1300cc

Lotus 7 1500ohv non cross-flow

MG Midget up to 1381cc max

Porsche 914-4 up to 2 liter

Porsche 912 up to 2 liter

Turner 1500ohv

Triumph GT6

Triumph TR6/TR250

Triumph TR4/4A

Triumph Spitfire 1300 &1500

TVR 1800

Volvo P1800 up to 2 liter

Alfa Spider 1600cc

Alfa Duetto 1600cc and 1750cc

Austin Healy 100-6/3000

Austin Healy Sprite 1275cc

Elva Courier 1622 original type engine

Fiat 124 spider up to 1688cc

Ginetta 1000cc

Lotus Europa 1470cc

MGB/MGB GTMGA with B engine

MG Midget 1275cc

Morgan +4 up to 2.2 liter

Porsche 912 up to 1725cc

Porsche 914-4 1700cc

Porsche 356 up to 1725cc

Sabra 1500cc

Triumph TR2/3 2200cc

TVR 1622cc

Turner 1500 with single downdraft, non cross-flow

Volvo P1800 1800cc


Alfa Guila 1600cc with 4 wheel drum brakes

Alfa Giulietta Spider 1300cc

Austin Healy 100-4

Datsun 1500 & 1600 roadster

Lotus 7 America 948cc & 997cc

MGA 1622cc & twin cam

Morgan 4/4 MKV

Porsche 356 up to 1600cc with drum brakes

Sunbeam Alpine 1725cc

Triumph Spitfire 1147cc

Triumph TR2/3 2000cc

Abarth OT1000

Abarth Berlina Corsa 982cc/1050cc

Alfa Giulietta 1300 with 4 wheel drum brakes

Austin Healy Sprite 1098cc

MG Midget 1098cc

Mini 1098/1071cc

Morris Minor 1098cc

NSU TT 1100cc

Porsche 1300

Sunbeam Alpine 1592cc/1494cc

Turner 950S

VW Karmman Gia 1200cc

Austin Healy Sprite 948cc

BMW 700

Fiat Abarth 750cc/850cc

Fiat 850 sedan and spider 850cc/903ccFiat 1200 spider


Mini 850/998

NSU TTS 996cc

Panhard sedans

Saab 850 sedans 850cc/998cc

Sunbeam IMP

Volkswagon Karman Gia and Bug 1200cc

A sedan
Included are 1972 and earlier cars eligible for SCCA AS class or Trans AM

AMC Javelin

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Nova

Dodge Dart

Ford Mustang

Ford Falcon

Mercury Cougar

Plymouth Barracuda

B sedan
Included are 1972 and earlier cars eligible for SCCA BS class and Trans AM

This list may not include every possible eligible car.

Alfa Romeo Sedans up to 2 liters

Alfa Romeo GTA

Audi 100

AMC Gremlin

BMW 1600 and 2002

BMW 2500 sedan

Chevrolet Vega

Datsun 510 and 610 up to 1800cc

Fiat 124 Sport Cupe

Ford Cortina and Lotus Cortina up to 1800cc

Ford Escort

Ford Capri up to 2 liter

Ford Pinto up to 2 liter

Opel Kadett and Manta 1900cc

Toyota Celica

Madza RX-2 and RX-3 non-bridgeport

Triumph T2000, 2.0 Vitesse, 2.5 PI saloon

Volvo sedans up to 2 liter

C sedan

Alfa Romeo Giuila sedan and GTV up to 1600cc

Alfa Romeo GTA Junior 1300

Datsun 510 1800cc single 2 barrel downdraft

Datsun 510 1600cc weber carbs

BMW2002/1600 2000cc single 2 barrel downdraft or 1600cc webers

BMW 1800/2000 4 door 2000cc single2 barrel downdraft or 1800cc webers

Ford Cortina up to 1600cc pushrod

Mini up to 1381cc max

Volvo Sedans 1800cc

D sedan

BMW 1600 1600cc single 2 barrel downdraft

BMW 1800 (4 door) 1800cc single 2 barrel downdraft

Datsun 510 1600cc single 2 barrel downdraft

Mini Cooper S 1275cc

Morris Minor 1275cc

Volvo P544 1600cc

It is recognized that steel/factory type body parts are difficult to obtain for some cars. Body parts of fiberglass or other materials may be substituted without affecting classification if the car’s weight is the same or more that of steel bodied cars. Substitution of fiberglass or other materials that results in reduced vehicle weight may result in re-classification into a faster class.

Cars must compete as they were originally configured and raced.

F1: FIA Formula 1 cars, mid engine.
F2: 2000 cc, mid engine, FI, no ground effects.
F5000: 5000 cc stock block.
NDY: Indy cars through 1978.
FA: Formula Atlantic 1600cc, no ground effects, through 1979.
FSV I: Formula Super Vee (1600cc),air-cooled, no ground effects, treaded tires, no wings, through 1976.
FSV II: Formula Super Vee (1600 cc), water-cooled & air cooled up to 2000cc,
no ground effects, through 1978.
FSV III: Formula Super Vee (1800 cc) with ground effects , through 1986.
FB: 1600cc, with two valves/cylinder, treaded tires, no wings, through 1969.
FC: 1100cc, treaded tires, through 1963, also F3 1000cc, through 1968.
FD: 1100cc, front engine location, through 1965.
FV: VW based, 1200cc through 1972.

FF: Formula Ford through 1972
MOD-Ford: Formula Ford 1973-1983; No ground effects. All other FF rules apply.

Specific rules for Formula Ford, Formula V and others are contained in the “Supplemental Rules” section.

C.3 SPORTS RACING Two Seat Racing Cars

These classifications are guidelines only, cars may be reclassified either for a single event or for the season, depending upon observed performance. If you are not satisfied with your classification, you must make a request in writing to the Eligibility Committee.

Super Sport (S/S): Sports Racing cars on slick racing tires. Wings permitted.

SSA.1 Over two liters, 1969 to 1974.

SSA.2 Over two liters, through 1968.

SSB. Under two liters, through 1974.

SPORTS RACERS (SR): Treaded tires. No wings

ASR. 1960-1968 Over 2 Liters

BSR. 1955-1959 Over 2 Liters

CSR. 1961-1968 under 2 Liters

DSR. up to 1954 over 2 liters & up to 1972 up to 1550cc

ESR. up to 1972 up to 1100cc

H-Mod. Under 850cc, through 1965.

RSR: Renault Sport Racers thru 1985

SR2000: 2.0 Liter Sports Racers thru 1985

C.4 HISTORIC (Pre-War)

Pre-War sports and race cars are especially encouraged. This class may also include postwar examples in some cases.

Entries of special interest will be individually reviewed to promote their participation in competition. Historic cars will be run in VARA classes commensurate with their performance potential, and receive competition points and awards as the Historic winner in the particular class. Examples: All pre-war cars, Morgan 3 Wheelers, Alfa Romeo Monza, MG T/C etc

The Exhibition Class is designed to allow cars with significant race history to compete in a group not consistent with VARA's traditional class structure.

Acceptance is on a one race basis. No definite year cutoff is proposed. Tires and other equipment should be as raced in period. All VARA General Vehicle Safety Standards will be adhered to.

Acceptance is by application, with approval by VARA Classification Committee and the recommendation of the Race Chairman.

Exhibition cars will show in official race results but shall not accrue championship points.

The Exhibition class is not intended for the purpose of allowing cars which are not eligible, due to year of manufacture or other, to race with VARA

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