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Ken Hiebert
Toronto Ontario
(249 posts)

04/23/2008 11:43AM

Main British Car:
1972 TR6 1994 5.7 L GM LT1

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Ken Hiebert's 1965 Jaguar E-Type with GM LS1 V8, "Part 8
Posted by: TR6-6SPD
Date: January 12, 2021 09:23AM

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Please note: The photos in this thread are displayed at 600x450 pixels. If you see a little box-in-a-box logo in the upper right hand corner of the photo, click anywhere on the photo to blow it up to full size - in a new window. This new window can then be maximized for a still larger image.

The last items to install while the car is still on the chassis table, are the two floor pans under the seats.
Im holding off on these because with no floor, I can stand up in the car to do interior work such as dash fabrication, A/C controls and wiring. The car will stay where it is for now.

The car sitting on all four wheels, most of the body metal work is finished and some of the filler work is done on the bonnet.

Here it is for now:



Skid plate

I added a skid plate, mostly to protect the steering rack mount which looked like a catch point on the underside.
Its made from aluminum backed by some square tubing.




Independent rear suspension and boot panels

These panels were cut from 1/16 sheet aluminum. The section covering the IRS will be removable for brake servicing.
The panel on the drivers side in the boot area will be made removable for servicing the fuel tank while the passenger side will have some kind of a quick release arrangement.



Cut and bent panel:

Panels installed:



The original dashboard consisted of three separate pieces. I sold mine to someone who wanted it as it was no use to me. I wanted to use the same general configuration, adapting the components that Ive chosen.

The two main components to build around were the instruments and the Vintage Air A/C unit. The transmission tunnel determined the location of the A/C unit, putting it high and not as far forward as I would have liked. This kept my stepped center section of the dash shallow, but manageable. The instrument cluster from the 2001 Trans Am fitted nicely between the GM tilt column and the Jaguar dash pad.

Building the dash in one piece first required a cardboard template:

With a blank slate, I marked the cut out for the instruments using the original plastic surround. The cluster was set back an inch using a formed spacer.

Instrument cut out:

This spacer was located on the back of the dash using 1/8 pins:

The cluster will sit behind a Lexan cover. For the glove box, I formed some 1/8 rod and welded it to the 20 gauge metal opening to smooth the entrance.

Instrument mounted and 1/8 rod:

Dash complete:

Installed with dash top:


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